Little Venice to Soho

Another gorgeous late summers day so we headed into London for a wander.  We got the underground to Warrick Avenue and joined the Regent’s canal path at Little Venice.  This is a beautiful area of the city with lots of narrow boats moored up, I think a lot of them permanently, and it’s really interesting looking at what they’ve done to the boats to decorate them and also the gardens they have around them.

We walked the canal path until we got to Regents path – you go past the back of some very large residences on the opposite banks of the canal – maybe when we win the lottery.x

It was so lovely along the towpath – lots of joggers (nutters), cyclists (crazy people), and people like us who just wanted to be out enjoying the sun which is making a very welcome appearance finally.

An attempt at taking a photo of us with my camera – I think we have halos.

Regents park was super busy with games of rugby, lacrosse, football, and all sorts of other games going on.  Lots of people were out on the boating lake in pedalos and despite Ken wanting to get one I decided against it – I just had visions of us ending up in the water.

In the picture below you’ll note a large heron trying to mug the pigeons (flying rats) for the bread that someone had fed them (despite signs stating not to do this).

By now we’d walked quite a long way so of course a drink was in order  – creamy coolers for both of us, but Kenneth always ends up with a ‘cold headache’ – you know what I mean, when you’re drinking or eating something really cold and pain shoots into your head.  He says he doesn’t mind as when it goes it’s a pleasent relief – dad used to say exactly the same thing.  I can’t see the pleasure in that myself.

Cold headache in progress!!

One of the things I really love about wandering around London is that you come across some really unusual things – for instance on a traffic island the below statues of a dog and a stag (Ken was making friends).
We also love going into food halls and drooling over all the gorgeous looking food that you can get in some of the more upmarket food halls, this one was in Selfridges – everything you see is a tomato.

Selfridges also has great window displays and today it’s all about Louis Vuitton – polka dots and old lady.

We also ended up walking past the Louis Vuitton shop on New Bond Street and it also had some amazing displays, again polka dots and the lady, but I particularly liked this huge flower – would look good in our lounge room don’t you think?
We sat outside the America embassy for a while on the edge of the park there, and instead of taking a picture of the embassy (I thought they might come and arrest me for terrorism as it was very well guarded with armed policemen) I took a picture of the seal in the ground.
Another great thing that you see around London at the moment are the Olympic mascots, Wenlock (named after Much Wenlock in Shropshire where the inspiration for the oympics came from)  & Mandeville (named after Stoke Mandeville which saw the birth of the Paralymipics).  They’re all painted in different styles and you find them in the most unusual places.  (I know they’re weird looking, but this was the only one that we found that didn’t have tourists queueing to have their pictures taken with it).

We finally stopped in Soho at a Bill’s to have dinner – by now my feet were aching quite a bit, but everythings okay when eating home made fish finger sandwiches, drinking Pinot Grigio, and looking at this gorgeous face across the table.

 After this we headed home – it was definiteley a lovely day of fun.

Distance walked – 6 miles

Lovely sunset to finish the day.  Stay safe & keep smiling.

xxxx  P & K  xxxx

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