Life in Lockdown

I can’t believe it’s a year this month since I wrote a post for this blog. Life definitely got in the way of writing with one of those things being a really bad car crash which happened a year ago this month. Thankfully Ken wasn’t injured physically, whereas I ended up spending two nights in hospital due to a fractured sternum and rib – it was the first time I ever had to spend a night in hospital as a patient, and it was an interesting experience. We’ve both struggled a bit with our recovery, mine being the physical recovery and my beloved struggling with driving after the accident. As always we support each other through any challenges.

Now, in 2020 we’re existing in Lockdown due to COVID-19 and I haven’t been anywhere for over six weeks. Working from home, doing lots of reading, teaching myself to play the tin whistle, and doing way too much baking.

This week I’m on annual leave so who knows what creations are going to come out off the kitchen as it truly is a staycation (Ken hates that term) in every sense of the word.

Ken goes out to walk Bramble Jelly, but other than that we’re exploring the house and garden for this holiday. I’m extremely thankful that I get to spend lockdown with this wonderful man.

The benefits of working from home are that I have the three brats to keep me company whilst I work. Princess Cookie Cat tends to spend all day with me, either sleeping on a chair next to me or walking around the computer where she doesn’t at all get in the way (ha ha).

The other benefit of lockdown is all the things that have been put online for people to access. I watched the fabulous Jesus Christ Superstar featuring Tim Minchin as Judas, and I’ve attended two writing workshops via zoom. There’s also some great shows on due to Lockdown including Grayson Perry’s Art Club which is encouraging people to have a go at being more creative as creativity is really good for our mental wellbeing.

Ken’s been getting very creative in the garden as you can see by our front doorway with pots hanging from a piece of driftwood and an old brown chair he’s painted and turned into a plantpot holder. If you look closely you can see Bramble Jelly peering through the door at me.

On a more serious note, I’m absolutely heartbroken at how many people around the world have lost their lives to this hideous virus and as of today the total number of deaths is 285,885 souls. Like many I’m scared of what the future holds but I also have hope that a vaccine will be found and that we will all be much more aware of looking after each other. I hope that you and yours are safe and healthy.

To end I thought I’d share this beautiful song, The Day You Went Away, sung by Wendy Matthews. I remember it being played a lot after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, so I thought it was very fitting for this chapter of our lives too.

Stay Safe.

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