Top Ten Thursday – Magically Drawn

Welcome to this week’s top ten Thursday which is a blog hop hosted by Tamara – Part-time Working Hockey Mom and this week the theme is all those things we feel we’re magically drawn to: “stuff”, foods, people, locations,… what are yours?

1. Ancient History – I love walking around ancient sites especially if they involve standing stones. As I walk amongst the stones I always touch them and wonder about the people who put them in place and what they really meant to them. Today, as it was the summer solstice, we visited Clava Cairns which are over 4,000 years old.

2. Cats – cats are definitely my spirit animal as no matter where we are, if we see one I have to have a chat to them.

3. Street Art – there are so many extremely talented people in this world and I love how street art has become more mainstream.

4. Doors – do you ever look at a door and wonder what is behind it. They fascinate me and I have many photos of these magical portals.

5. Glitter & Shiny Sparkly things – Ken often calls me a Magpie as I am drawn to shop displays that have lots of bling in them, or stalls that are selling costume jewellery, glittery bags, and basically anything that shines.
6. Statues – It’s so wonderful when out wandering and we come across really unusual statues. We often debate what message the sculptor was trying to get across.

7. Donkeys (and horses) – whenever we see donkeys or horses, and if it’s safe to do so, Ken will slow the car down or pull over so that I can have a moment with these beautiful creatures. Such soulful eyes and beautifully soft muzzles.

8. Fairy Lights – these make anything look magical. We have quite a few fairy lights around our home, wrapped around the stairs, across my dressing table, inside glass lanterns, and one set inside a decorative birdcage.

9. Tattoos – I haven’t got any of my own, but I often wonder why people have the tattoos they have. Some are awful, but others are stunning and real pieces of art. The below is the arm of a waitress who served me a couple of years ago – I did ask if I could take the photo.

10. Stationary – when we moved to the Highlands I was devastated to find that there wasn’t a branch of Paperchase here and I got slightly over excited when we were in Aberdeen last year and found one there. Whenever we are walking around shops and we are coming close to a stationary shop my beloved always tries to steer me away from them as he knows I’ll be drawn into them. I can never have too many journals, pens, and cards.
What do you find yourself drawn to? Until next time, be good, stay safe, and make sure you hop over to Tamara’s Blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.
Pamela & Ken
P.S: It goes without saying that I am always magically drawn to my beloved. 💕💕

3 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Magically Drawn

  1. Haha, of course (your PS) ♥We have anything Magpie related in common. Don't share your love of cemeteries and tatoos. Doors are cool, too. I should have mentioned bridges myself.I'm suprised you didn't list coffee and cake, but that probably goes without saying.Happy Friday!


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