Reflections on the 2018 A to Z Challenge

April has come and gone and it’s time to reflect on our experience of the A to Z challenge. This year I chose the theme of keeping romance alive for married couples along with dating ideas. I’m really glad that I chose this theme as in doing research and remembering past things we’ve done together it has given me the impetus for a load of new romantic ideas – watch out Ken, you’re going to have your socks romanced off.

This year during the challenge I got a bit snowed under with life and didn’t get to visit as many blogs as I would like so will be taking part in the road trip. I also have loads of comments to catch up on. Three of the interesting new blogs I discovered were:

Trudy at Reel Focus – great posts that featured quotes from films for us to guess (answers were given at the end of each post). I love film trivia and guessing films so really enjoyed Trudy’s blog – it was a real mixture of well known films and the more obscure.

Laura at Buttontapper Press – like me Laura went for the dating theme, but hers was online dating. This was fascinating and I have never been so glad that I found my beloved the more conventional way.

Melissa at Sugar Crime Scene – in her challenge posts Melissa wrote about interesting things to do with the law. I have learnt a lot about criminal proceedings.

Lots of the bloggers that I follow already were crazy enough to take part as well, and here’s some of them that I would recommend checking out…

Part-time Working Hockey Mom – Tamara took us on a trip around the world to places that she has visited, and has given me lots more destinations to add to my travel bucket list.

McGuffy’s Reader – Annie shared some of her writings, which was really sharing part of her soul. Beautiful words that captured real emotion.

Curious as a Cathy – Cathy took on the challenge of sketching with her ipad with some amazing results. Her drawings were really lovely and I’m amazed at what technology can do.

15 and – Ellen was creative for her A to Z, crocheting cat toys for each letter of the alphabet. My personal favourites were the eyeball and the golden snitch.

Rainswept – another very creative person, Lissa shared short fiction pieces that she had written to fit each letter of the alphabet. Lissa is an incredible artist and also shared her beautiful art.

Sophie’s Thoughts and Fumbles – more creativity in the form of ghost stories. Sophie’s words were put together so well that even the shortest piece made me look nervously over my shoulder.

Positive Letters…..inspirational stories…. – Hilary shared posts about her experience as a British girl living in Canada. So many interesting customs, places and fascinating history.

The most popular of my posts was B is for Beaches, and my favourite post that I wrote was Z is for Zombie Apocalypse, as I never thought I’d be able to find a love song about zombies and yet I did.

I’m still recovering from the challenge, but slowly getting my writing mojo back. I hope you enjoyed my theme and I’ll take the next 11 months to decide what I’m doing for next year.

Pamela & Ken

10 thoughts on “Reflections on the 2018 A to Z Challenge

  1. even though I'm not married or with someone, I thought your posts are really good advice for couples. I enjoyed the music selections even if I can't use your advices.thanks for visiting my blog & including me on your list there.have a lovely day.


  2. Thanks Pam for mentioning me – glad my Canadian posts resonated. It's wonderful to see you both so happy and enjoying life … and well – I can only say watch out Ken .. she's a-coming! Have a great summer – cheers Hilary


  3. You've linked some of my daily visits there. Annie, Ellen and Cathy. I so enjoy everyone's posts this last month. I just might have to do this next year. I say that every year and never do.Have a fabulous day. ♥


  4. Pamela,Congrats on another successful year of A2Zing, my friend. I'm feeling a bit tired but am pushing myself to get back into blogging. I think I need to take a break but am reluctant to do it. Next month, I may slack off some but not completely abandon things like I did last year. Of course, I might crumble. I really need to get some much needed things done around here and summers are so dang slow in Blogosphere anyhow. So, who would miss me? Anyhow, thanks for mentioning me in your Reflections post. That was so kind of you, Sweetie! Have an excellent day. I'm desperately trying to catch up this week!Curious as a Cathy5-Get2KnowMe Questions, A2ZReflections, & BoTB Results


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