Top Ten Thursday – Spring

It’s May and the A to Z blogging challenge that took over April is done so it’s back to normal blogging for all of us crazies that took part. It’s time for top ten Thursday and today we’re looking at all the things we love about spring. The top ten is hosted by Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom – make sure you pop over and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for their posts.

1. Crocuses – it really feels like spring is here when these colourful little flowers start appearing. I love how they look like a multicoloured carpet under the trees. The most expensive spice in the world, saffron, comes from a breed of crocus and in the language of flowers, the crocus represents youthful gladness. (Meaning of Flowers)

2. Daffodils – such a happy flower with so many variations. A bunch of daffodils in the home brightens up the gloomiest day with their yellow cheerfulness.

3. Lambs – one of the great joys of the journey to work and back during spring is watching the lambs and all their antics. They jump and climb and play and just look adorable.

4. Cherry Blossom – a short season of gorgeous flowers and when the flowers are done it looks like there is confetti all over the ground.

5. Calves – so cute and beautiful at the same time.

6. Gorse/Broom – spring is when the highlands turn yellow (or Xanthic as I posted about previously) with gorse and broom all over the place.

7. Wildflowers – I love seeing the different flowers that appear in the woods in spring, creating a haze of colour to walk through.

8. Highland Games – spring and the month of May sees the beginning of the Highland Games in Scotland. I love seeing all the traditional activities – dancing, bagpipes, strong men activities, and tug of war.

9. Warmer Weather – finally it’s time to leave the coat and gloves at home and enjoy the fact that the sun has warmth in it again. Much better weather for getting out and exploring the fabulous old graveyards we often stumble across.

10. Sunshine – this one is purely for the cats. Princess Cookie Cat and Lord Rocky Horror are very happy that it’s spring as they can find much warmer sunshine to lie in, and it’s even better if that patch of sunshine is across the nice comfortable human bed.

What’s your favourite thing about spring? Until next time, enjoy the warmer weather and the joy of natures rebirth all around us.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Final photo that I have to share is the three brats in one photo – amazing.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Spring

  1. Ah,, there's nothing better than a little kitty yoga on the human's bed in the sunshine!Purrs & Head Bonks,Oliver & The Tribe of Five


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