Top Ten Thursday – Train of Thought

This week for Top Ten Thursday we’re sharing ten ways our train of thoughts works. You know, you had one thought that turned into three, then seven,……. I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to share how wacky my thoughts can be but then again you probably already know this. Thanks to Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom for hosting this great challenge.

My train of thought starts with this muddy patch of field with dirty sheep in it and my thoughts do include a walk in shower – now you’re thinking that I’m washing the sheep aren’t you.

1. On the way to work we drive past this field with very dirty sheep in it, and predictable as I am, I always say “hello dirty sheep” and think how sad they look. 

  • train of thought picks up on sad sheep………

2. When I win the lottery I’m going to have a lovely animal sanctuary where these sheep could have a nice warm place to sleep when it’s so cold and muddy.

  • imagine winning the lottery, what could we do………

3. Winning the lottery would mean we could buy or build our own house.

  • imagine having our own house decorated how we want…….

4. One of the things I would love to have would be a bathroom that had a huge walk in shower as that would mean that I wasn’t at risk of falling out of the shower like I have been know to do.

  • what colour would the bathroom be………

5. I’d love to have a bathroom with lots of blues in it and I’d somehow like to incorporate all the seaglass we’ve collected over the years into the design.

  • glass……..

6. I’ve always wanted to have those funky glass bricks in my dream home, mainly clear but I’d love some coloured ones, probably different shades of blue for the bathroom, colours that reflect the ocean.

  • ocean……..beach…….

7. I love living near a beach and being able to hear the waves on the sand at night, it’s such a relaxing and therapeutic sound.

  • night……..

8. I hope I manage to get to sleep okay tonight, as sometimes it can take a while. It’s very frustrating when the gorgeous man beside you falls asleep nearly as soon as his head hits the pillow.

  • sleep…….

9. When I can’t sleep I end up having even more thoughts that go off in all directions but one thing that can be helpful is trying to think of things that start with every letter of the alphabet. I’ve never found counting sheep very useful.

  • sheep…….

10. I hope the dirty sheep are happy tonight.

There, a little glimpse into my crazy mind. Do you find yourself going off on all sorts of different thought trains throughout the day? Before you go, make sure you pop over to Tamara’s blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.

Wherever you are in the world we hope you’re having a great week.

Pamela & Ken

7 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Train of Thought

  1. dirty sheeps? that's so sad. perhaps they like being dirty? sleep – yeah, I think we all need some more of that, me included. I come up with tons of great posts while trying to fall asleep but always forget them, sad but true.have a lovely day.


  2. Pamela,I enjoyed your train of thought with this list of 10 things. Although the sheep are dirty and look sad, I'm sure they are really quite content. They have nice lovely warm coats on no? That's sure to make them happy on these cold, gray days of winter. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for the visit. Have a good weekend, my friend.


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