Communing With Cats in Aberdeen

Those that know me know that I’m a little bit crazy about cats (I haven’t got enough to be classed as a crazy cat lady yet, but give me time) so imagine my delight when going to a cafe where cats live and roam around whilst you’re having coffee and cake. We visited the London cat cafe in 2014 and it was wonderful – read it here.

We booked to go early in the day and I’m so glad we did as there was only three other people there whereas when we left there was quite a large queue of people waiting to get in.

The cafe is very much designed to keep the cats happy and I love some of the design features that I would love to have at home for Princess Cookie Cat.

There is a large flat screen tv on the wall that is playing cat friendly things – birds, squirrels, and mice. The cats were loving it.

This is Theodore who has the most gorgeous eyes – a rich golden colour.

There was building work going on next door to the cafe and this lovely one was keeping an eye on what the workmen were up to.

Ken down on the floor talking to the kitty cats and taking lovely photos of them – I think he enjoyed it just as much as me.

The very handsome Romeo that Ken was talking to – apparently he tries to get away with a lot of mischief because of his very good looks.

On the left is Drago and on the right is Boo. Boo was so lovely and reminded us both of our little Muffin Monster who died a year ago, and Boo was such a crazy little thing and loved playing.

The gorgeous ragdoll Zeus, who as soon as our drinks and cakes arrived was up on the table trying to mooch food – of course we didn’t give him any but it was lovely to have him visit with us. Note the really cute mug and milk jug.

Zeus and Drago surveying their domain from some of the various shelves around the room.

Ken annoying Drago with a bird.

Boo debating on whether or not to get involved in the bird teasing game.

I love that the cats do sit in the windows as per the title of the cafe – it must be lovely if you work in the area and get to walk past everyday enjoying the gorgeous kitty cats.

Drago and Theodore being extremely cute and loving on each other, again in one of the many window beds.

Our last view of the beautiful kitty cats as we left – it was so lovely spending an hour with them, and I can imagine that it must be great to visit this cafe if you live in a place that doesn’t allow cats. If that was me I’d be there nearly every day.

There are signs like this all around Aberdeen, and they are full of really interesting facts about the city’s past.

Have you ever been to a cat cafe? Would you if you got the chance? I’m sure you’ll see this one feature in the blog in the future again.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and say hello to the next cat you see.
Pamela & Ken

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