Friday’s Friendly Thoughts

One of my favourite things to do, apart from reading, is writing, so I love this blog link up at McGuffy’s Reader. In the Friendly Fill-ins we’re given written prompts (the words in purple bold) and then complete them how we wish.

1. My favorite part of November is seeing all the beautiful Christmas decorations totally taking over the shops. When we lived in London we would always go into Oxford street to see all the beautiful lights and window displays.

2. Every November, I try to be organised and do my Christmas cards, especially the ones for Australia as I always plan to post them before the end of the month – this doesn’t always happen but I try my best.

3. For me, peace means so many things and I regularly wish I had a magic wand that I could wave over the world. I think that sometimes my head has difficulty switching off enough for me to be at peace, but then good thoughts are just as much of having peace as anything. I find a lot of peace in writing, putting my thoughts down on paper in a way that can soothe the soul. Enjoying nature, listening to music, being kind to others, communing with animals, and spending time with my beloved – all parts of living a peaceful life for me.

4. So far, my upcoming holiday plans are that I’m working almost to Christmas and then have a break until the new year. Keeping warm is another big plan I have, and by the end of December I start asking my beloved when it’s going to be warm again.

That’s it for this Friday, pop over to McGuffy’s Reader and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for their fill ins.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and we hope you find peace this week.

Pamela & Ken

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Friendly Thoughts

  1. I can certainly relate to writing and nature. There is peace there for me, too. If we find inner peace, we can pass it on. It is life affirming to find others who think so, too. Hugs…and Peace.


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