Looking for Fairies in Rosemarkie

Today we headed to Rosemarkie which is on the Black Isle north of us. We went to the beach cafe for lunch and it was really lovely to see so many people out enjoying themselves. It was a really good snapshot of how people in Scotland cope with the very changeable weather – on one side you have the people sat outside the beach cafe all rugged up in coats, scarves, and hats, and then on the beach there were people building sandcastles and paddling in the water.

We went into the cafe for lunch and when we came out we found this very patient puppy dog lying in the doorway waiting for his human servants – he didn’t budge no matter how many people walked by him.

This beautiful mosaic is on the end of the building housing the cafe and includes fairies in it – rather fitting as we were on our way to visit the fairies.

We then went to walk to the Fairy Glen, which is a two mile return journey. There is a well marked path to follow but it was quite muddy due to the time of the year – good excuse to wear my funky festival boots.

This tree route system is amazing – it’s almost as if it’s walking on the earth rather than being deep in the soil.

The autumn leaves are so beautiful now so expect quite a few pictures during this post.

Fungi alert – I love how many different types of mushroom and toadstool there are in this area. Here’s a few pictures of them.

Beautiful yellow carpet of leaves.

Me on one of the bridges we had to cross on our walk.

This pond that we passed has a platform at one edge of it that was specifically put there for school children to do dipping and look at all the creatures that live in the water.

A few trees that appealed to me – I loved the moss on the left, and the one on the right is being taken over by fungi.

Β My fabulous assistant holding up three lovely large leaves (good alliteration there).

This tree had a coating of furry moss and fungi.

Tree across the stream – I tried to talk Ken into walking out onto it but for some reason he wasn’t that keen. It may have been something to do with the log being very wet and slippery.

We made it to the Fairy Glen and the beautiful waterfall.

Tree where people have pushed coins into it to make a wish – it’s leaving a gift for the fairies so that your wish is more likely to come true, and yes we left a gift.

Can you see any fairies behind us?

I even took Horny my unicorn to the falls as I thought he might tempt the fairies out to play – he looks really at home there.

Looking back towards the waterfall as we headed back down the track and up at the rocks around the glen..

More beautiful and colourful autumn leaves with my gorgeous assistant helping to display them.

After our walk to mingle with the fairies, we then took Bramble for a walk along the beach where we were able to see the magnificent sand castle that the people from earlier had created.

That’s not a seal you can see in the water, it’s a Bramble Jelly getting very wet.

Here she is looking like a drowned rat – she must have been freezing, proven by the fact that when we got back in the car she burrowed under her bed for the journey home.

Lovely carving of owls in one of the seats near the beach.

Near the beach was this long pile of discarded wood in the form of pallets, furniture, and just remnants – we’re presuming it’s being collected for bonfire night next week, as they have an event at the beach.

You may have guessed that I like unicorns, and how lovely it was to see this pub sign with a drawing of a very fine unicorn on it.

Do you have any fairy related scenic spots where you are? I’ve definitely found more in Scotland than anywhere else I’ve lived in the world.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and look out for the little folk when you’re out and about.

Pamela & Ken

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