Autumn Colours in a Graveyard

Another weekend, another drive out to who knows where. We did actually have a destination in mind but when we reached it, it was closed due to a private event. Never mind, there’s always somewhere else to explore.
Wonderfully we came across a graveyard, the Urray Burial Ground, and wandered around it for a while. The church is a lovely building, but like so many churches here in the highlands the interior is incredibly plain – we looked through the windows.

This young tree growing out of a tree stump made me think of the quote from Jurassic Park “Life will find a way”.

Autumn colours make anything look beautiful, and I think this tree really adds to the atmosphere of the graveyard – it’s stunning.

Found all across Scotland are beautiful celtic crosses – there are so many different designs in these crosses that they fascinate me.

It’s really helpful to genealogists to find lots of information on headstones and the people commemorated on this headstone have the same surname as my Scottish ancestors, and the Katherine must have been a casualty of the Blitz on London. I love that someone has left a tankard on the grave for them.

This more recent headstone has a lovely wood carving of a puffin inlaid in it. Further down the headstone there was also a carving of a wood mallet – I love all these special little details that are subtle but obviously precious to someone.

A couple more shots of the glorious Autumn leaves.

Our next stop was of course for coffee and cake in Muir of Ord. Very scrummy carrot cake.

This was the sign outside the cafe we stopped at – the top half is one of my favourite quotes, but the bottom part just makes it even better.

We then stopped in Beauly so that Bramble Jelly could have a walk and I had a mooch around an art shop and a wonderful little deli with lots of lovely goodies.

It was a really nice start to a week off for the two of us – a week of relaxing and having lots of days of fun.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and enjoy the Autumn/Spring weather wherever your are in the world.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Princess Cookie Cat sleeping so cutely.

4 thoughts on “Autumn Colours in a Graveyard

  1. Hi Pam – the scenery is beautiful … as too the gravestones -stunning selection. It's fascinating walking around graveyards or popping into the local churchyards – I can see why they call … well and cake – that's good too – cheers and have a happy week – Hilary


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