Old Cars & Coffee in a National Park

Today was a lazy day out with the purpose of picking up our lovely painted plates from last weekends day of fun (Coffee & Creativity) which I’ll show you later in the post. It’s a really lovely drive to Grantown as it sits in the Cairngorms national park.

We went back to the cafe we discovered last week, The High Street Merchant Cafe and had a lovely lunch and of course an even lovelier latte.

The farmers market was on which was a lovely surprise, and there were some wonderful stalls including one with knitted hats. The Shivering Sheep Beanies lady had some lovely hats and amazingly she can knit two a day!! I bought a lovely tassled baggy beanie in, surprise, surprise, purple wool.

This van amused us because of what is written below the business information; ‘Listen oot for the Toot Toot!’

Unsurprisingly Ken managed to find a couple of cars to look at – total projects. When we win the lottery we’ll have to have at least a four car garage and a shed for him to store his projects in – he does love to tinker. These two are staying where we found them.

On the way home we stopped for a little wander at a scenic spot and I loved this old fence post that is all by itself in the middle of the woods – it’s rustiness appealed to me.

Selfie of the two of us in the woods.

We found some very interesting fungi in amongst the trees – I tried to find out what sort they were for you, but couldn’t decide which ones they were from the fungi identification website.

View across the moor on the way home – beautiful big sky.

This is a rock that we drive past every time we come back from Grantown, and it’s always interesting to see what is painted on it. For months when we first moved up to the highlands, this is what was on it, but every now and then someone will paint something else on it. We’ve seen birthday wishes to people and declarations of love, but then Jesus Saves reappears after a while.

Now to reveal our plates after they’ve been glazed. First Ken’s beautiful plate and then my bowl.

A short day out but still interesting things to be found. Until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a fabulous week.

Pamela & Ken

P.S: This week I bought Princess Cookie Cat a new bed as I thought as she ages she might like something a bit softer. Usually when we’ve bought beds for the brats in the past it usually takes them a day or so to really like them. Not this time, Cookie has hardly left her new bed she loves it so much.

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