Thunder in the Glens 2017

This weekend was the yearly meeting of thousands of Harley Davidson lovers at the 21st Thunder in the Glens in Aviemore – we attended last year as well and you can read about it here: Thunder in the Glens 2016. The day before we went to the actual rally we saw this man in a cafe we were visiting (just for a change) and I asked him if I could take a photo. He’s never been to Saudi, a friend bought it for him – it was giving me and Ken cold shivers as we have both worked there in the past.

Thunder in the Glens is the biggest Harley Davidson rally in Europe and is held in Aviemore which is 40 miles from where we live. Last year there were over 4000 attendees so it’s a huge boost to the local economy.

There’s going to be lots of pictures of bikes now so sit back and enjoy.

Love the art on this bike – very gothic.

The paintjob on this bike is a forces commemorative one  and on the tank it has the words, ‘not all wounds are visible….’

Is it just me or does the seat on this bike look really uncomfortable?

Great art on the above bike – it was different on each side but all had the same theme.

Whilst Harley Davidsons are the predominant bike, there are others like this mega Triumph – that engine is just ridiculous it’s so big.

In amongst all the two wheeled works of art my beloved actually found a couple of cars to look at.

Around the town there are stages set up for entertainment and at night apparently it’s quite the party atmosphere. This soloist was really good, singing Scottish/Irish themed songs. It was a really lovely day so perfect for sitting out with a drink to listen to the music.

This bike had lots of skulls featured in the details including on what I think might be the air filter (apologies if I’m totally wrong).

Very curvy bike with a very fat back wheel.

The fashion styles being sported were predominantly themed black with lots of leather. We did watch one couple get out of a car dressed in their full leathers as if they’d ridden bikes to the rally – very odd. There were also lots of dogs sporting the latest in biker doggy fashion including a leather jacket on a small dog. This gentleman was with three other people of the more mature variety and I thought their t-shirts were fittingly funny – it says Banchory Coffin Dodgers.

By now it was time for us to restore our energy with a coffee and cake break. We found the fabulous Mountain Cafe which is above an outdoor activities store and the cafe is run by a Kiwi, so a fellow antipodean. The cakes were absolutely amazing and we’ll definitely be going back there.

As you walk around the town there is the constant rumble of Harley engines as they are riding up and down the main street.

A very unique bike that was a bit like the ratrod style of cars that Ken likes – it’s got great paintwork and very interesting parts on the bike including a doll’s head.

One of the power rangers must be in town – that’s what this bike reminded me of.

All around Aviemore there are beautiful flower – I really liked this multitiered stand.

Some more bikes to enjoy.

You may have noticed that skulls are quite a popular theme when it comes to the bikes.

The winner of the 2017 Best Sportster – last year it was the winner of Best in Show.

The winner of the 2017 Best in Show. For those of you reading this that know about bikes, it’s a 1462cc 89 cubic inch Sportster (whatever that means).

I absolutely adored this elephant that was on the side of one of the trade stall vans – this would look beautiful on a bed quilt.

This was an interesting trade stall, Team Beard has products for looking after beards but also lots of clothing, pet apparel, and accessories with the emblem on it.

If you look closely at the bikes you’ll often find really interesting little features, just like the notice on this bike – it’s quite a small part of the bike so I’ve enlarged it for you.

On the way home we passed lots of bikes who had been out for rides including this large group.

We stopped to enjoy the beauty of the heather across the moors – it’s such a lovely purpleness before your eyes. The photos never do the colour justice but believe me when I tell you it’s gorgeous.

Don’t panic, we didn’t have a freak snowstorm on the way home, I’ve included this picture because I took this one in the same spot in March this year as the one below it – such a contrast.

Here we are, my hair is trying to blend in with the heather.

The other thing we encountered on the way home was a proper Highlands traffic jam.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to Thunder in the Glens 2017 – it’s a really great event and if you’re a fan of Harleys then you should definitely try and come one year.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a wonderful week.

Pamela & Ken

4 thoughts on “Thunder in the Glens 2017

  1. Hi Pamela,What fun! Some very pretty and unique bikes. The doll head creeped me out a bit but dolls in general are kinda creepy. 😐I've been around Harleys all my life. When my brother was 18 (I was 11at the time), he built a Harley chopper from the motor up IN HIS BEDROOM! I'll never forget the day he and my Dad steered it out the front door…Now he has a Sporster … and an antique Indian. Can't remember the year buts it's definitely antique. I liked those big fat tires in that one bike you photographed. I'd need fat tires like that to hold my big ass up. I'm not a good rider: I don't lean into the curves like you're supposed to and instead try to correct the lean. Not good! I'd kill myself on a 2-wheel bike. But I think I would thoroughly enjoy a trik. Three wheels I could handle! I love going to the Harley events. Here in Texas they have the ROT Rally every year (ROT=Republic of Texas). There's nothing more sexy than the roar of a Harley engine and to hear hundreds of them roaring down the highway is almost orgasmic! 😏I've been to a few events at the Central Texas Harley Davidson shop here in Austin. They always have great bands, good beer and lots of fun merchandise. I got my dogs a toy that had in it, instead of a squeaker, it had the sound of a Harley revving up. I need to get another one. That one has been gone for a while…Loved all the pictures! Thanks for sharing your fun day. Looked like a stunningly nice day. I enjoyed seeing the traffic jam you encountered on the way home. Lol.Have a good week,Michele at Angels Bark


  2. Thanks for stopping by Michele. Your brother building a Harley in his bedroom reminds me of a man I knew who kept his in his loungeroom as it was too precious to leave outside – his wife was not impressed.I love the sound of that dog toy you had, that's so cool – I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that. Glad you enjoyed the pictures. Have a lovely week.


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