Top Ten Thursday: People Watching

It’s time for Top Ten Thursday (though this week it’s a day late as I’m very unorganised) and we’re people watching. Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom sets the theme and has given me a legitimate reason to acknowledge that I often take photos of random people.

My top ten is made up of people that we’ve seen over the years that have made me stop and wonder about them and their lives.

1. The first one I don’t have a picture of, but is a man that lived in the same area as us in London and even though we didn’t know his name we nicknamed him Panda as we thought he looked a bit like one. Panda used to come into our local Costa and if the seat he wanted wasn’t free he wasn’t very good at hiding his upset and would sit, uncomfortably, somewhere else whilst glaring at the people in his seat. If we hadn’t seen him for a while we would mention it to each other, and even though we never interacted I always wondered if he had someone at home to look after him.

2. When we used to wander around London we would often come across weddings at the churches or people getting their photos done in picturesque spots. This couple had chosen opposite the Houses of Parliament with tourists everywhere. I always want to know how they got together, what the proposal was like, and for this couple, why they wanted that particular backdrop to their photos.

3. We saw this gentleman at Borough Market on one of our many visits. He was standing in amongst the hustle and bustle just calmly reading his paper with tiny glasses perched on the end of his nose.

4. I have been know to take sneaky pictures so that I can show my beloved something later. I had to take a picture of these shoes as I have no idea how this lady walks in them – they’re huge!! Do you think she has a complex about her height and wants to be taller?

5. I love watching artists at work and I’m always a bit envious of those people that can set up an easel somewhere and just lose themselves in their craft. This gentleman was in Hampstead and was totally absorbed in what he was seeing and recreating.

6. Dreadlocks always make me wonder about the person as it takes a lot of dedication to keep them up and looking good. I loved this ladies hair as it has bits of purple in it and as you know, that is my favourite colour.

7. This man fascinated me as he was asleep on his motorbike in quite a popular area of London with tourists walking past regularly. Was he a tourist himself who is travelling the country on his motorbike, sleeping where he can and just going wherever he wants whenever the mood strikes him?

8. You can barely see the person in this one because he’s standing up to his waste in a freezing cold Scottish Loch!! He’s fishing!! This shows real dedication (or utter craziness) to the hobby (bothering fish) to stand in water for hours. Whenever we see anglers (fish botherers) in a river or a loch we always comment that they must be crazy.

9. I love watching sports mascots as it must be very liberating being to act a bit bonkers with no one knowing who you are. The picture is of Skeeta who is the mascot for the Aussie Rules Team Essendon (who has a mosquito as a mascot?). At the recent athletics championships in London they had Hero the Hedgehog and he was fantastic – doing all sorts of gymnastic moves in a very funny costume. I think I would quite like to have that anonymity for a while.

10. In St Pancras station a piano sits in the middle of the concourse just waiting for someone to sit down and play it – I’m too shy to do it even though my fingers itch to get at it. This young man sat down and played beautiful music – is he a struggling music student who has to practice wherever he finds a piano, or is he a world famous pianist enjoying the freedom of playing for pleasure in a train station?
There you have it, a few of the people that have caught my attention over the years. Do you people watch? Who has caught your attention lately? Before you go, pop over to Tamara’s blog, Part-time Working Hockey Mom to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.
Until next time, be good, stay safe, and remember that whilst you’re watching other people someone is bound to be watching you.
Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday: People Watching

  1. Love your post so much, Pamela! You bring up so many interesting poinst, the first one being, ware we (you and I9 a tiny bit voyeuristic or do all the people do what we do? Observing, analyzing, photographing other people?When I was waitressing at a café we used to have Pandas of our own, always (wanting to) sitting at the same table, ordering the same coffee and croissant, reading the newspaper and pretty much spend the same amount of time for every visit. The motorbiker cracks me up. Maybe he was nursing his hangover?Mascots (and Santas for that matter) have the unique opportunity to act super extrovert and do and say all sorts of things they wouldn't otherwise dare. I wish I could play the piano. Not sure if I actually sat down in public, though. Thanks for linking up! It's open for two weeks, so don't feel bad!Happy Weekend!


  2. I think we're all a bit voyeuristic, just some people don't like to admit it. People watching is a great pastime and I definitely inherited it from my dad as he used to love watching people and making comments, sometimes a bit too loudly.


  3. #4 – I think she just likes walking in them, I have seen women/girls wearing them and they seem comfortable with them but I'm pretty sure I would trip if I wear these.#5 – I was just talking about a woman in the park doing the same thing, actually, that park has days where people just go and paint and they even have carts for them#8 – is that fly fishing where people wear boots up to their waist and just stood in the water and wait? I think it really takes a lot of patience to do this#10 – there was one time in the ny street where a piano was set up for people to play freely and there were a few of them playing very nice music. I think the boy in your photo must really love musicnot much into people watching these days, I did saw this girl with neon green hair on the subway the other day and I thought I would really like to do that to my hair too.have a lovely day.


  4. It is fly fishing and they must have so much patience to do it. The boy definitely loves music as it came across in how well he was playing. Go for the green – I've got pink streaks in my hair. Thanks for stopping by Lissa and have a great day.


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