Top Ten Thursday – Mothers Day

This weeks Top Ten theme is Mothers Day and as I’m not a mother to human children I thought I would share with you the important things to know when you’re a mother to furbies.

1. One of the first things to realise is that FURniture is called that for a reason, it’s there for your furbies and not for you. No matter how many times you try and stop them getting on it, you’re fighting a losing battle and they will claim their rightful place.

2. If you have cats know that your belongings are no longer your own – if they feel like sitting on something then they will.

3. If you’re a fan of nature programs, know that you’ll have to get used to a cat shaped blob in front of your screen. Our little black cat was a sucker for Springwatch and as soon as she heard the bird noises she’d be in front of the tv.

4. When you have a handsome dog like Bertie (our first dog) be prepared to be stopped a lot by people wanting to say hello. Ken used to joke that Bertie was no good for attracting women as the only ones that used to stop were in the blue rinse brigade (elderly ladies).

5. When you find out your beloved furbie is ill and is not going to get better, the pain is almost unbearable and you would do anything to fix them and keep them with you. Anyone that says that the death of a pet is easy to get over is talking rubbish – losing Bertie devastated us and three years on it can still bring tears to our eyes.

The day we found out that Bertie Boo had incurable cancer.

6. Don’t rush into getting a new family member after one dies, do it in your own time. We waited two and a half years as we were still grieving and felt it would be a disservice to both Bertie and any new furby if we rushed the decision. When we did make that decision we found the adorable Bramble Jelly Sassy Pants and she has been a welcome addition to the family, though I’m not sure if Cookie, her sister, would agree.

Bramble at 5 weeks old
7. When you’re the mother to furbies, know that you will never again leave your house without fur on you somewhere. Ridiculously I wear black quite a lot and this is a disaster when you’ve got a cat with pale fur. We’ve even been on holiday in Australia (minus furbies) before when I’ve put on a clean outfit and found a cat hair.
A whole bed to sleep on and Cookie chooses my clothes.
8. When a precious furby is ill and you don’t know how much longer you’re going to have them in your lives, all the previous rules, like not letting them in the bedroom at night, go out the window. For the last three months of her life our little black cat, Muffin, decided that sleeping on my chest or on my hip was a fabulous idea and I have to admit I still miss the feel of that little lump on me at night.

Please excuse my scary morning face and hair.
9. Taking a selfie with your furbies is a real challenge so sometimes it’s about being inventive and taking the alternative selfie. I love this picture I took when we were on holiday recently – no need to worry about everyone looking at the camera but it’s still a fabulous reminder of a wonderful holiday together.

10. Warning, serious moment. Ken and I have not been blessed with human children together and he knows that I find mothers day challenging (to say the least) so every year he gets me a lttle pressie and a card from the furbies. I love that he writes the card with his left hand so that it looks like the brats have tried to write it, and I love that he will just reach over and hold my hand if there is too much about mothers day on tv – he knows just how to make me smile and I am blessed everyday to share my life with this incredible man and our furbies.

Before you go, why don’t you pop over to Tamara’s blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with –Β click here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and say hello to the next animal you see.

Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – Mothers Day

  1. Aaawww, Pamela, this is such a lovely post!Furniture is for furbabies, but of course!!!My friend's husband gets a lot of attention from ladies of all ages ever since they got a dog.Your hubby is the best! Left-handedly written Mother's Day cards, gotta love him even more for that, very, very kind! (I use the left hand trick when I write notes that come from the Elf on the Shelf)A very happy Mother's Day to you, Pam, Ken and your cats and dogs. I hope they leave some space for you on the sofa!


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