Reflections on the A to Z challenge – yes, I did it againn

Twentysix posts in one month, what could be easier. Yes, for the second year I signed up to do the A to Z blogging challenge – posting every day of April, except Sundays, for each letter of the alphabet. Crazy as it seems, the first year didn’t put me off so I took the plunge and signed up to do it again. 
Last year I discovered it quite late so didn’t have time to think of a theme and just winged it, but this year I was sort of prepared and chose to do a theme which was the Scottish Highlands. My beloved and our furbies moved here from London 17 months ago so it seemed the perfect way to explore our new home even more. 
I did a mixture of posts about places in the highlands and things or words to do with this area of Scotland. As you can see from the map we traversed this beautiful land quite a bit. The green marker shows where we live.
What did I learn this year from the A to Z challenge and the blogs I visited.
1. Don’t book a week away in the middle of the challenge and then realise that you’re not sure if the cottage has wifi. Thankfully it did, though slightly dodgy when the weather was bad.
2. The keys to a successful health and fitness way of life from Tamara’s blog, PART-TIME WORKING HOCKEY MOM.
3. The weird and wonderful folk tales that exist around the world including a toad clinging to a boys face, and a magic dog that vomits any liquor you need in the MULTICOLORED DIARY.
4. Make sure that you look after the person living through the challenge with you, as I’m sure my constant mutterings about certain letters of the alphabet nearly drove my beloved crazy (or crazier than he already is by being married to me).

5. We know exactlly what plants we need for health and wellbeing along with which plants will keep snakes away, which is always a good thing (thistle will make them fight each other so we should be fine here in Scotland) thanks to the A to Z of Magical and Medicinal Herbs in SARA’S BLOG.

6. I’ve discovered that I love stories about dragons, which shocked me as I’ve never really liked fantasy books, so I’ve had a whole new genre of book opened up to me as a result of visiting SOPHIE’S THOUGHTS AND FUMBLES.

7. I already have a huge bucket list of places I want to visit around the world and I’ve added so many more from Europe that I must see thanks to Denise’s fabulous blog MY LIFE IN RETIREMENT.

8. I had so many memories revived of my year working in the Middle East by reading about this area of the world in the blog MADLY-IN-VERSE.

9. When I was younger I used to love all the old black and white films and especially loved films from the 30’s and 40’s. A lot of those films would fall into the Film Noir category and I finally have a better understanding of these from Sarah’s blog THE OLD SHELTER.

10. Hilary’s blog POSITIVE LETTERS took us through the world of rare breeds and I learnt so much about where animals came from and the struggle to keep these breeds alive in the modern world.

11. Stephanie once again gave us a fascinating look at old tombstones, which is something I love, and I always learn so much about the symbols on old headstones from her blog SOUTHERN GRAVES.

I could go on and on as I visited so many fabulous blogs during the challenge. Several of the above will be ones that I add to my blog list, just like I did after last years challenge – I think that this is one of the great things about the A to Z in that you discover great blogs that you never would have found otherwise.

Thanks obviously has to go to the magical elves and fairies that manage the A to Z challenge and keep everything running smoothly – great challenge and I’m sure I’ll be back again last year.

The biggest thanks has to go to my gorgeous husband who drove me around the countryside to get the photos I needed for my posts – don’t worry, I did pay him with lots of cake breaks.

Hope you enjoyed my A to Z challenge posts and make sure you visit the blogs I’ve mentioned above as they’re all wonderful.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a really fabulous week.

Pamela & Ken

14 thoughts on “Reflections on the A to Z challenge – yes, I did it againn

  1. Congrats on finishing year two. I'm a two-timer as well. You really got to quite a few areas of Scotland for the challenge which is wonderful. I drag my husband around Maine a lot too looking for those perfect pictures and adventures to add to my blog. WeekendsInMaine


  2. Hi Pam – thanks so much for your shout out – glad you appreciate these wonderful Rare Breeds we have in this country of ours … north or south of the border. I thoroughly enjoyed your tour around Scotland – amused me, made me realise I do need to get north … I suspect Ken enjoyed himself too – he was touring, he was eating cake, he was having romantic times away! Delighted you enjoyed the Challenge and so glad you found me … I'm sure you did – I've been pretty hopeless at getting around this year … Congratulations on finishing … and I'll see you around- and I will check out those other recommendations I don't already visit … cheers Hilary


  3. I also found a lot of new blogs to add to my reading list, I think that is one aspect of the a-z challenge that I really enjoyed. & also there are so many things you can if you have the time.congrats on finishing & have a lovely reflection post


  4. Thanks for the mention and thanks for describing other blogs you found. Some are new to me and I must check them out. The PBS channel here is repeating a series on castles in England and Scotland and I am eager to visit next year.


  5. There were so many blogs listed each day, that apparently I missed some of the better ones. Nick Wilford suggested I check on yours. After just reading your reflections, I will be staying the course and catch up on your A to Z posts. My husband also had the patience of a saint to put up with me talking in letters-of-the-day!


  6. Congrats on completing the Challenge! It was an excellent theme – I really got a flavour of many of the great places and sights, and I'll have to make an effort to get to them seeing as I'm not so far away.


  7. Thanks for stopping by Toni and I'm not surprised you missed blogs as there were so many to visit – I'm doing a more leisurely catch up with posts now that the challenge has finished. Bless our long suffering husbands.


  8. You came through the challenge splendidly, and how wonderful your husband helped out (plus, cake is always a bonus). I've never been to Scotland, but it's one of those places I'd like to visit one day, so I really enjoyed learning more about it through your posts. And thanks for the shout out. I chuckled at the part with the snakes. That was such a crazy tidbit for thistle. 😉


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