Q is for Quaich – a Scottish friendship cup

Todays post for the A to Z blogging challenge is the dreaded letter Q and thanks to a lovely colleague I discovered the Quaich. This is a Scottish drinking cup that originated in the highlands and was used to signify friendship and trust between clan chiefs.

Traditionally they were made out of wood, but as they became more common the rich people had them made out of silver and other precious metals. This one that I bought is a pottery one made on the Isle of Skye.

Here’s a short video that I found on Youtube describing how it would have been used between feuding clans and the reason it has two handles.

The Quaich has been around for centuries and whilst traditionally it was probably whiskey that was drank out of it, it can be anything really, as it’s more the symbol of the cup, not what’s inside it. Interesting fact, Theresa May (British Prime Minister) gave Donald Trump (American President) one when she visited him earlier this year – read about it here.

Here’s my beloved admirably demonstrating how to hold the Quaich, which is pronounced like quake.

That’s my Q post – last year I did Q is for Quirky which I’m finding a lot of as I more deeply explore the Scottish Highlands. Before you go why don’t you pop over to the A to Z blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with for the difficult letter Q – Click Here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and share a cup of friendship with someone this week.

Pamela & Ken

17 thoughts on “Q is for Quaich – a Scottish friendship cup

  1. Hi Pam – I'd never heard of a Quaich until the Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow and the medal winners were all given a wooden Quaich – it's a lovely idea … cheers Hilaryhttp://positiveletters.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/r-is-for-rare-breeds-survival-trust.html


  2. To find an old wooden one would be amazing, but I think with all the violence that has occurred in Scotland's history that it would be pretty rare. I love the accent as well, so much so that I married a Scotsman.


  3. Thanks for visiting Hilary – I should have included that in my post as I remember at the time thinking that it was a lovely gift to give and better than some countries have done in the past.


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