H is for Highland Cows

Welcome to the second week of the A to Z blogging challenge with the letters H to M. To start the week we’re saying hello to he gorgeous Highland Cow.

They’re such a cuddly looking beastie and such a symbol of Scotland, though they can be found all over the world – they’re even in Tasmania. When we first moved to Scotland my beloved came up a week before me and the picture below is one that he sent to me whilst he was waiting for my arrival.

Now in case you’re a farmer and really interested in the breed, here’s a link to the Highland Breed Society – click HERE to visit.
The most common colour that most people are used to is red, but they also come in black, yellow, silver, brindle, and white. They’re a very popular image and you see them in all sort of things, but one of my favourites we’ve seen over the last year was at the Nairn Country Show. The children had a competition to create something out of sweets and this Highland Cow is made of red laces with coke bottle legs, snake horns, and fried eggs for eyes – it’s adorable.

 As you’d expect at a country show, there were Highland Cows in the livestock displays – here’s two really adorable ones that are different colours including a young one who I just wanted to hug.

Our local bakery often has Highland Cow cookies for sale – I love them and my beloved has bought me one in the past.

A carved wooden cow in the front yard of someones house.

A cow we drove past when we were out and about one day.

A very interesting teapot cosy for sale in a craft shop.

A model of a highland cow which stands outside the cattle auction mart near Dingwall.

In any gift shop you’ll see multiple things with Highland Cows on them – lots of soft toys, cushions, kitchen paraphenalia, cards, and even jewellry.

To finish, here are the two cows that live in the field near our house – the red one with the kinky horn is the one that featured at the beginning.

So there you have the Highland Cow – have you ever seen any where you live? Before you go, why don’t you pop over to the A to Z blog and see what my fellow bloggers have come up with – click HERE to visit.

Until next time and the letter I, be good, stay safe, and say hello to the next animal you see.

Pamela & Ken

40 thoughts on “H is for Highland Cows

  1. The Highland Cows are such gorgeous animals! When my friend and I visited Scotland, that was the one thing she wanted to find/see – a real-life highland cow. We managed to find a few, including three that we could get up-close and personal with as they were in a paddock right next to a garden walk.Ros from Fangirl Stitches


  2. It funny that you should post this cause I was just thinking about cows, thought not as adorable as these. When I was a kid, we could go for a Sunday drive and see cows and horses. Now, I would have to drive quite a distance to see them. When I moved to my present home, there were sheep to the east and horses to the west. No more.


  3. Hi Pam and Ken – they are amazing beasts aren't they – and that colour … just stunning 'red' beasties. 8 years ago Flossie the Highland Cow escaped – she was on the run for 9 months and was found eventually in Swinefleet – it's not April Fool's day … I wrote a post about her … but as you've said they are irresistible … and I can imagine feature in cakes, biscuits and linen etc. What a delightful Highland Cow made from sweets … clever.Cheers and have a good week – Hilaryhttp://positiveletters.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/h-is-for-horse.html


  4. When I visited Scotland with my daughter (Fangirl Stitches) and we enjoyed visiting some Highland Coos at a tea shop that we stopped at. I bought some sterling silver earrings with the coos on it (sorry have to say coos not cows cause that seems to how it is said) We are visiting again in August this year and so will be interested in reading your blog for ideas on what to do.Philipa (Ozzypip)Quilter and bloggerBlogging her way through an A to Z quiltOzzypip Quilts


  5. Gotta love those highland cows! I think they look so peaceful! Some need a haircut though. How can they even see with all that hair?I love how people go all the way with a subject! Cookies, crafts, sculptures!


  6. I always wonder how much they can see of the world with that hair – on the \”kinky horn\” cow, you can't see any eyes at all! I suppose they're fine as long as they know where the best grass is.


  7. Hi Ruth, thanks for stopping by – I've tried to comment on a couple of your posts but it won't let me. Your post has beautiful pictures of such an iconic building. We were in Sydney for one day of the Vivid Festival in 2015 and the rain was so torrential that my pictures of the opera house look like they were taken under water. Love indigenous art and each time we come home to Australia for a visit I'm tempted to buy some for our home.


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