Thanks – a photographic blogging challenge

End of the month and it’s time for the photographic blogging challenge that is hosted by PJ at A ‘lil Hoohaa blog – make sure you pop over and check what other people have posted this month. So the theme for November was thanks, which was a little tricky as last week I did being thankful for the Top Ten Thursdays Challenge, link here. After much thought I chose more personal things for the photographic challenge.
1. I’m thankful that my beloved buys fresh flowers to put around the home and I get particularly gooey hearted when he buys flowers that were in my wedding bouquet – I’m not sure he always realises that he’s doing it but I still love it. My bouquet (nearly 17 years ago) had orange roses and purple irises just like below.
2. I’m very thankful that we have Cookie (aka Princess, Diva, Sneak, and Monster) in our lives. Cats are so good for stress relief and, unlike dogs, you really have to earn a cats love which makes it all the more special when you get it.

3. I’ve combined these two, my beloved and Bramble. Watching the two of them play soccer together on the beach in freezing temperatures almost brought tears to my eyes as it was such a lovely moment. Unlike the Diva, Bramble loves us unconditionally and is such a softy and just wants to be with us constantly which I hope she never grows out of. I’m a bit like a puppy when it comes to my husband, as I just want to be with him constantly.

4. I give thanks for every sunrise and sunset that we get to see – so many people do not get to see as many as they should due to them being taken from this world much too soon.

5. Christmas is so much more than the commercialism that it often becomes, and it’s definitely a time to look at all we have to give thanks for. This year I’m thankful for our first year in the Scottish Highlands and all the adventures we’ve had and the ones yet to be.

There you are, my five photos that represent the theme of thanks. Remember to visit PJ’s blog to see what things my fellow bloggers have come up with – click here to visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and remember to give thanks everyday .

Pamela & Ken

P.S: Bonus picture – this is the tree we have at work where people can write what Maggie’s (where I work) means to them on a star and hang it on the tree. It’s such a lovely feature and it humbles me every day when I read the comments that people have made.

9 thoughts on “Thanks – a photographic blogging challenge

  1. OK…. number three had such a wonderful description that I had to read it twice. What a lovely LOVELY tribute!!!! You are not only an excellent photographer but an excellent writer as well.I like what you said about Christmas. I HATE commercialism…. you are so right about stopping to think about what we are thankful for.


  2. Awesome work this month. I think what I've enjoyed is seeing what those of you who are not in the States came up with. For us, it would have been easy to just say \”Turkey\” and move on. Great set of photos and I fully agree with what you said about sunsets and sunrises.


  3. Reading through your post made me realize just how many of the participants this month are thankful for spending time outside in nature, with loved ones (of the 2-legged and 4-legged varieties). No matter that we live in widespread places, we have that in common. Thanks for helping me recognize that shared bond in our PBC community.


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