Formula One and defective oysters

One of the places that Ken has wanted to visit for many years is the Jim Clark Room, which is a museum to this racing drivers life and is based in Duns, in Scotland. Jim Clark was Formula One world champion twice, in 1963 and 1965, and was killed in a crash at Hockenheim in 1968.

I’m going to confess to something now. I took photos in the memorial room and then my beloved pointed out to me that there were very discreet little signs asking people not to take photos. So I have to apologise but as I’d already taken these one’s I thought it would be a waste not to share them – it might encourage someone else to visit.

Jim Clark
Just one of the many walls of trophies

There were some very interesting trophies from different countries around the world, some gorgeous, some slightly unusual. I really liked this one which is a piece of rock with a metal plant growing out of it – it’s really delicate.

This is one of the more unusual ones, this cow bell was massive and he was given it the year he won his second world championship. Imagine taking that back on the plane.

Beautiful floral display in front of the Jim Clark rooms – do you think it’s meant to represent a tyre. The trust that runs the rooms is raising money to complete a full museum which will feature some of the cars that Jim Clark raced in.

If you look closely at the blue building you’ll see that it’s called the Nairn Post Office – we were a little confused, but think it must be the name of the family that run the shop. (Nairn is the name of the town in Scotland that we live in).

Whilst we were wondering around Duns we came across this statue of a bear holding an ammunition shell?? According to the information on the nearby plaque, this is Wojtek the soldier bear who was adopted by the Polish army in Iran in the second world war. He grew up playing and wrestling with the soldiers, drinking beer and eating cigarettes. He also helped carry shells to the guns. After the war he stayed with the Polish army in Berwickshire and then spent the last 16 years of his life in Edinburgh zoo.

The town square of Duns.

After Duns we headed to the small town of Chirnside and to the churchyard in particular to find Jim Clark’s grave.

It was a lovely graveyard and interestingly there were Blackadders buried there – I wonder if this is where they got the name for the TV series from? Also, there are two rivers nearby, one called Blackadder Water and one called Whiteadder Water.

Beautiful Celtic cross.

Jim Clark’s grave.

This is the church that sits in the middle of the graveyard and has quite a few pigeons living in the tower.

When we got back to Bamburgh where we were staying, we went out for a lovely meal at The Potted Lobster. This is a small but wonderful restaurant and is fully booked every night, so if you would like to go make sure that you book.

Now for those defective oysters!! For centuries people have claimed that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but we had fresh oysters for our starter and neither of us had the urge to throw the other over the restaurant table and have our wicked way with them. Clearly those oysters weren’t working or maybe you have to eat bucket loads.

It was a really nice evening with fabulous fresh seafood, lovely glass of wine, and my gorgeous one across the table from me.

Our main meal was a whole plaice with prawns and capers. I was quite shocked when Ken ordered this as he has a bit of an issue with fish bones – picture him spitting a mouthful of food out on his plate because he felt a bone in his mouth, but luckily that night everything went smoothly.


And to finish our meal some very scrummy desserts – summer pudding for Ken and creme brulee for me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to the Jim Clark rooms and if you’re in the area and you’re a Grand Prix fanatic then this is well worth a visit.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and hope you’re having a good day.

Pamela & Ken

4 thoughts on “Formula One and defective oysters

  1. What an interesting museum! I'm so glad you got to snap a few pictures. Formula One just came to Austin TX (where I live) and the races are a huge draw.Loved loved loved the Celtic cross!Also loved your comment about the defective oysters. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.Have a great weekend.Michele from Angels Bark


  2. Quite a lot of trophies there! The town of Duns looks like a place I'd like to walk about. Love that you also went to find where Mr. Clark was buried. I enjoy doing that whenever possible. Thanks for another fun trip!


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