Graveyards – both old and ancient

Part two of our lovely day out on Sunday – you know we couldn’t possibly have gone out for a whole day and not found at least one graveyard to wander around. We stopped in Dores to explore this lovely space which is a mixture of modern and old headstones.

I loved this epitaph – below the person’s name and dates was this beautiful sentiment and a picture of a dog. Oh that we all could have this said about us after we have departed this life.

It’s a really picturesque spot with the mountains surrounding the village and Loch Ness there for all to enjoy.

Loved this grave with the mismatched headstones and bluebells adorning the grave – nature providing the flowers which is quite fitting as one of the meanings behind bluebells is everlasting love.

I’m assuming that this person was a musician due to this lovely ornate carving on the headstone.

As we continued on our merry way we came across this family in a field – the baby heavy horse is nearly as big as a normal sized horse.

We then found a very, very, very old graveyard – the Clava Cairns which are between us and Inverness. These are burial cairns that date back 4,000 years and are surrounded by standing stones. It’s such a well preserved site and has a really serene feeling to the site – we might have to visit on the summer solstice and watch the sun come up.

Ken channelling the vibes from the stones of the people that were here in the past – some of the stones are quite large.

Railway viaduct which makes me think that Hogwarts Express will come steaming past any minute.

That’s the end of our fabulous day out so until next time, be good, stay safe, and have a really wonderful week.

Pamela & Ken

2 thoughts on “Graveyards – both old and ancient

  1. I love the headstone with the \”A Friend to animals\” on it. That's very special indeed.Loved the bluebells growing over those graves. What lovely sentiment. Why do we find graveyards so fascinating? I can't explain my fascination with them. I know I won't be in one because I'm getting cremated! :)Michele at Angels Bark


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