Z is for Zoetic

It’s finally here, the final day of the blogging from A to Z challenge and I am doing Z is for Zoetic, which according to the dictionary is an adjective meaning ‘pertaining to life, vital’. I think this is a great word for us as something we love doing is observing and taking part in this wonderful, crazy life that we’re all involved in.

Life is about stopping to smell the roses, or as in our case giving the occasional tree a hug.

Life is about communing with the wonderful animals we share the planet with – I always chat to any animals we see as one day I’m convinced they’ll talk back to me.

A wonderful part of life is observing what others are getting up to.  It may be a group of people on a narrowboat playing music together whilst enjoying a pint.

It may be a man carrying a mini wookie in his bag as he wanders around a market (I know it’s not a wookie, but it’s very cute whatever breed of dog it is).

It may be three older ladies sitting on a bench in Budapest enjoying a late summer.  In fact we had been chatting to a young man earlier who told us the late summer they were having was know as the summer of the old ladies, so I thought this picture illustrated it perfectly.

Or, it may be a bunch of people dressed up as Where’s Wally taking part in a Ceilidh – I loved watching this group doing the dances, it was brilliant.

Life is also about new beginnings.  We all have times in life when we make changes, whether that be a new job, new house, new friends, new country, and in some cases it may be welcoming a new baby into the family.

Life is about trying new experiences and one of the easy ways to do this is to try different foods.  This is a huge pretzel we had in Budapest.

Those new experiences may also include sitting in a classic older car that has you all excited, like Ken in this Trabant which is an East German produced car.

Life is also about having balance in order to maintain inner and outer well being.  Remember to be kind to yourself and find time to relax in amongst all the craziness that too often can sweep us away.

Whilst at times it is important to be serious in life, remember that sometimes the best thing to do is to daydream about unicorns and trees that glow purple.

Life can also be overwhelming and become too much for even the bravest of us and when that happens the only thing for it is to curl up under our duvet until we feel like coming out again.

Life by its very nature is also about death, because unfortunately none of us are getting out of this world alive.

And no matter what we’ve done with our lives, rich or poor, we all end up the same way.

When I see epitaphs like the one below I always wonder if these words were said to the person in life – I hope so, as he sounds like a very special person.

And remember, no matter what, life is about silliness….

And life is definitely about love.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and take time to think about at least five things you’re grateful for in your life.

Pamela & Ken

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