U is for Unique

Hooray, we’re on the home stretch – 5 letters to go after today (I’m trying to ignore the fact that one of those letters is X). Today’s blogging from A to Z challenge post for the letter U is unique.

Things can be uniquely odd, and that is definitely what the car below is. We came across this car in Krakow last year – it’s being used to advertise a really cool bar, but imagine the dedication it took to stick these coins all over the car. It’s very unique as I can’t imagine another like it any where.

I’m not sure what this unique thing we stumbled on would be classed as, but in the middle of Krakow in an empty carpark we found this British bus being used as a bar and it sat beside several other mobile food stalls. People were sitting around enjoying the sun as if they were at the beach, and yes, we joined them.

Okay, this one might be uniquely dangerous for the cat, as it’s owner has it on a lead which is inside the shut window, so that the cat can sit outside but not escape.  I kept having visions of the cat falling and hanging by it’s neck. It was a very friendly cat and seemed very content on it’s suntrap.

This car is uniquely bizarre – the outside has got lots of leopard print included in it’s paint job, and if you look closely at the second picture you’ll see that the inside is covered with fur. This car was in Budapest.

Now this car was in Knightsbridge in London and can only be described as uniquely ostentatious.

London is a fabulous place to come across the unique and it’s especially lovely when you wander past things that you didn’t expect to see. These sumo wrestlers were having a competition in a park beside a lovely old church – nice to see fun and games going on.
A uniquely interesting way to protest about the use of so many plastic bottles – this man was outside one of the museums in London and when Ken posed with him he insisted that Ken hold the plastic bottle sword.

Every year it seems there’s a trail of some shape or creature that celebrities have painted being placed around London. This was an egg trail – there were some fantastic designs but this one was particularly strange and unique.

This is Billy Bragg, someone who is uniquely brilliant – he is a singer songwriter that my beloved is a big fan of, and one day when we were wandering around London we came across him giving a free concert.

Okay, I had to include something that is uniquely adorable, and that is a black squirrel. Yes, they really do exist, mainly in Hertfordshire and you can nearly always see them in Hitchin churchyard. I was really pleased that I could get a picture of one next to a grey squirrel to show you the difference.

We came across this spec bank in a cafe in Whitby and this would come under the category of uniquely considerate as Ken is one of the many people who forget their reading glasses when they go out, so this means they can still read things whilst in the cafe.

Final picture is of my beloved with Sean the Sheep – this was another artistic trail that was in London in the past.  Sean – uniquely cute, Ken – uniquely gorgeous.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and remember that you are a uniquely special part of this world.

Pamela & Ken

5 thoughts on “U is for Unique

  1. I love all the uniqueness in your post! That car with all the coins is crazy. The egg in the egg trail reminds me of the art piece Scream — or aliens. Very cool art on that egg. I wonder how hot is was to be covered in plastic bottles?!The cat on the windowsill was disturbing on so many levels. Poor thing. Loved the squirrels. I've never seen a black squirrel. Around here (Texas in the US), we have brown squirrels. I love those little critters but they are a menace to the bird feeder…Great post Pamela. I enjoyed!Michele at Angels Bark


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