L is for London

As I lived on the outskirts of London for 18 years it seemed appropriate to choose one of our many days out that I never got round to blogging about and doing that for the letter L.

When a man is tire of London, he is tired of life (Samuel Johnson)

This is a quote that we really believed in as there is always something new to see and do, no matter how often you venture onto the streets of London. These pictures are from a random day last year when we hopped on the tube and wandered aimlessly around, enjoying whatever we found.

There are so many green spaces in London and this one was beside the river Thames – I now know that it was a year ago as the croci are out and looking glorious.

One of the many magnificent buildings that you see around every corner – London is such a mish mash of old and new.

This is the view looking down the Thames towards the Shard and on the left of the picture you can see the dome of St Pauls.

Looking down onto the lifeboat station on the Thames.

I’m really sorry but I can’t remember who this is a statue of – part of me wants to say Sir Walter Raleigh, but I’m not sure if that’s correct.

Lovely statue in front of the National Theatre – I really love the curves on this, and how large it is.

By now we were onto the South Bank and there are always little vans that have been converted into mobile food stalls.

Under one of the bridges on the South Bank there is a used book stall – it’s great for having a browse through as you never know when you might find a gem.

This is Wahaca, the Mexican restaurant that we love – there are a few around London but this one is our favourite as it is in converted shipping containers.

Graffiti and street art in the areas under bridges – I love the big eye creature and all the stick figures.

The obligatory view of the Houses of Parliament.

The two of us.

The clock tower for Big Ben looking lovely at dusk.

The Millenium Wheel or as it is now known, the London Eye. ย If you’re ever in London it is definitely worth going on as the views are fabulous. ย I’ve been on it during the day and also at dusk and would recommend both.

That’s a flying look at a little bit of an incredible city.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and look after each other.

Pamela & Ken

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