K is for Ken (the gorgeous one)

I was tempted to cheat with this post and do kittens, but maybe two posts about cats would have been a bit much from the crazy cat lady.  Besides, when I’m sharing my life with a wonderful man who’s name begins with K, there was really no contest, so this post is dedicated to Ken (the gorgeous one).

I saw the below quote in a garden at a Hare Krishna temple a couple of years ago, and it seemed to be written for me, as I am happy and grateful every day that mine and Ken’s paths crossed in this huge world.

This is the gorgeous one, or as anyone who has read my blog will know, his other name is beloved.  We’ve been married for a bit over 16 years and still madly, crazily, and soppily in love.

One thing you need to know about my hubby is that he really loves cars!!  And that’s probably an understatement.  His particular favourite is the Peugeot 205, but most cars interest him in some way.  If we won the lottery I know the first car on his list would be an E type Jaguar, but it would be quite a long list.

Having fun days out together is something we love and he puts up with me taking pictures of him in all sorts of situations.

Those situations include me making him try on silly glasses and then taking a picture of him – he’s giving me the evil eye in this shot.

Did I mention that he really loves cars, and especially very old cars. I often joke that they’re his other woman.

My beloved is a big kid at heart and loves playing with any sorts of boy toys in museums – this was in an aircraft and motorcar museum.

The gorgeous one also scrubs up very well and can come across all posh if he wants to – especially in Windsor having afternoon tea.

We love going to music festivals and Ken really throws himself into the experience and dresses the part.  He has a necklace that only comes out for the festivals.

The hug me heart controlled the toaster behind us, so we had to hug it hard to get some free breakfast at Cornbury Music Festival.

This picture was taken at the Pudding Club and the sign Ken is holding describes the pudding – nothing else!!

Another thing we do a lot of is take selfies – this is so that we have pictures together as there aren’t always people around to take a picture for us. This selfie was because we were a bit bored with the usual shot so laid down on a bench to take it.

Another lovely (he thinks crazy) thing I do to my beloved is get him to put silly hats on and I take his picture – my excuse is I’m trying to find him the perfect hat.

I think this one is the winner

The gorgeous one really loves dogs, and when we’re out and about he can’t resist having a chat and a cuddle if possible with any puppy dogs that he meets.

Whilst he loves real dogs, we’ve established that my beloved hates Dagwood Dogs, a speciality at Australian country shows – this picture is of him trying his first and last.

Sometimes Ken has a beard that makes him look like a wizard until he gets bored with it or someone implies he looks old, and then he shaves it off again.

And did I mention that he really loves cars?!

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and be kind to yourself this week.

Pamela & Ken (the gorgeous one)

15 thoughts on “K is for Ken (the gorgeous one)

  1. Oh I love this post! It's so obvious how in love you guys still are after all these years. Loved all the photos. You two look so happy together!Tell Ken I love old cars too. My first was a '71 Monte Carlo and I'm still heartbroken that I didn't keep it! :)Thanks for sharing your Beloved with us. It was a pleasure meeting him!Michele at Angels Bark


  2. what a lovely ode to your man – it's sweet that you're still so soppily in love – I'm feeling a bit old and jaded in comparison – but we're at 33yrs married now so maybe that means I can take my hub for granted a little 🙂 Leanne @ cresting the hill


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