D is for Doors

D is for doors (not the group, though I do think that Jim Morrison was sex on legs) which I absolutely love – they are like magical portals to another world.  All around the world doors can look so similar but completely different as well.  I’m always taking pictures of doors and I love to wonder what the inside of the building is like behind the door – some I think will be totally magical whilst others very mysterious.

The first door is a pretty pink one which is in Tasmania – I can picture a really lovely colonial styled home inside complete with ladies in long skirts and gentlemen with beards and curled moustaches.

This door is in Budapest – there were lots of brown wooden doors with different carvings or glass etchings in them.

Nice blue and gold door in Mojacar (pronounced Mahaca) which is in Spain.

I really like how with the door below they’ve hung a patchwork behind the glass to give a plain door a really funky look.

I should have had Ken stand next to this door to show you how big it was as in the picture  you can’t tell – it was very tall.

Old door  – I always think if these sort of doors could talk imagine the things in history that they’ve seen and the peoples lives they’ve silently been a part of.

The door below is actually quite plain but they’ve used a paint effect to make it look really special.

This door is very unloved looking but it still makes me wonder what’s behind it – maybe a den of iniquity.

Doors that have been put in prison – lovely ironwork in front of doors.

Door to the house of the half moon (at least that’s what I think the Spanish means – the moon is a bit of a clue).

This door is very beautiful as it’s purple.  I’ve included the picture showing the whole front of the house so you can see how gorgeous it is.

I’m also a big fan of fairy doors as I think it’s important to have a way for them to get into your home and sprinkle their special brand of magic dust everywhere.  Below is my purple door which sits in our lounge-room, and below that is one of my friends fairy doors ( see I’m not the only one).

Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at doors – they’re such simple things but so beautiful.
Until next time, be good, be happy, and take a look at the doors around you and have a think about what they’re hiding behind them.
Pamela & Ken

8 thoughts on “D is for Doors

  1. I love the doors! Especially the blue and gold one, the patchwork one and the purple one. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fairy doors. I'm definitely going to have to get one of those!!! I believe in fairies and you're right: they need a nice door to enter through…Fun post!Michele at Angels Bark


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