Spring has sprung in Forres

Today we went to explore Forres which is a small town about 11 miles east of Nairn. Interesting fact about Forres is that it is featured in Shakespeare’s Macbeth and it is one of the oldest towns in Scotland.

As we came into the town we spotted this building that is derelict but has very colourful street art on the panels.

Our coffee break was quite early, but we couldn’t resist the cosy fire in the Nicholson gallery – so lovely to enjoy a hot drink amongst beautiful works of art whilst playing pig noughts and crosses with my beloved.

We stopped at Grant Park which is a peaceful green space towards the east of the town. There is a great wooden piper waiting to be joined by others – the European piping championships are being held here in June. Of course I had to accost the poor man, my excuse is I wanted to show you how tall he is.

Spring is definitely in bloom with these gorgeous mini iris and carpets of spectacular croci.

In one of the gardens we found this fabulous insect hotel – I think it would get five stars on tripadvisor.

Now it wouldn’t be a proper fun day out without a graveyard, and this one was particularly wonderful. Cluny Hill cemetery surrounded by nature which made it very atmospheric – it just needed some mist to make it perfect.

What I really love about Scottish graveyards are the beautiful Celtic crosses that you find – the carvings are stunning.

Another great thing about old graveyards is that they are a goldmine for family history buffs. Old headstones tend to have much more information on them including, if you’re lucky, what the person did for work. For example, Thomas Murdoch was a shoemaker – we also saw someone who was a bobbin maker.

I liked the carvings on these two, especially the round one as it looks like a mirror.

Now I know some of you will fall off your chairs in shock, but we didn’t have any cake today!! My beloved has given up sugar for a while and I didn’t think it would be very nice to eat cake in front of him so instead I had a very yummy jacket potato with haggis.

Before I finish I wanted to show you a picture of the Sun which I took this week when there was haar covering the shore. Haar is my new word of the week – it’s a cold sea fog common on the east coast of Scotland.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to another lovely town in the highlands, definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

Until next time be good, stay safe, and be a kinder to yourself this week.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture is of a gorgeous little man that came into work this week – of course I had to hug him.

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