Exploring the Highlands

This weekend we’ve been out and about exploring more of our new home. We started off in Nairn and as we were walking around we met this beautiful puppy who was looking after the van for her daddy – her name is Molly.

The bakery which we’re yet to test out (I know, you’re shocked and stunned), had some very scrummy looking treats in the window but I particularly liked the look of these Highland Cow cookies.

We headed over the Kessock bridge, which opened in 1982, towards the Black Isle….

….ending up in Beauly (the name comes from the French for beautiful place). This is a lovely little town with the ruins of a 13th century priory as the main feature. The monks that lived here were from the Valliscaulian order which originated in Burgundy, France. The monks lived a peaceful life until the 16th century when the Protestant Reformation ended it all.

Here’s a few shots from around the priory to show you how lovely it is.

This tree at the entrance is over 800 years old – it reminds me of the Whomping willow in Harry Potter.

As you can see the town makes full use of having a famous priory.

This is the remains of the Mercat (market) Cross which was first erected in the 1400’s and is one of the oldest surviving crosses in Scotland.

Arty shot of the ruins, headstones, and old trees.

We found a lovely cafe in a place called the Old School – it’s a gift shop with the cafe at the back. I loved the view across the table (my beloved) and the decorations, especially the teapot lightshades.

On our journey home we went past a property that Ken thought was fantabulous – a plane in the front yard and several old cars hidden in the jungle of a back yard.

So that was our visit to Beauly – more to come soon. Until next time be good, stay happy, and treat yourself to a big piece of cake.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture – late afternoon at Ardersier.

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