Old Spitalfields Market London

We recently made a visit to Old Spitalfields Market which is about a five minute walk from Liverpool street station.  If you want to learn more about the market and its history then click on this link – it’s fascinating, and the bit I like best is that back in AD 300 it was a cemetery.

Before we even left the station we found a thing of loveliness – Shaun the sheep dressed as a Pearly King. It took a while to get a picture as lots of people wanted to pose with him.  He is one of 50 Shaun sculptures that are spread over London until the end of May so guess what we’ll be doing soon, going on a Shaun hunt.

The walk from the station provides lots of interesting things to look at, not least this great old pub.

There’s are sculptures dotted all over London, some that make sense, others that just appear quite random. I love the goat on his crate mountain.

The market is an eclectic blend of colours, sounds, and smells – it’s fabulous for people watching as well.

Note the two men in top hats below. The one in the foreground has cutlery around his hat as he makes jewellery out of cutlery – I was very tempted as the rings were beautiful. The man in the background was a real dude, dressed in formal wear to sell his top hats – what set the look off was a large diamond eating.

There were lots of different food stalls and I was very pleased to find a scrummy lamington. As you can imagine Ken liked the below food stall due to it being in an old truck.

Leaving the market we went past a shop that if we hadn’t already eaten I would have been heading into – I contented myself with photos as they’re much better for the waistline.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to Old Spitalfields Market – you should definitely go if you’re ever in the area.

Until next time be happy, stay safe, and eat some cake.

Pamela and Ken

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