Vacationing at home

We recently had a precious week off together and because of one of the brats recovering from ill health we decided to have a staycation (Ken hates that word).  I love the fact that after 15 years of marriage we both still treasure spending lots of time together.

Our first treat of the week was a Dim Sum afternoon tea at The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield – here’s the link to their page Crazy Bear, look it up as it’s really decadent.

It took us a little while to find the entrance as it has no signs to indicate it’s there.  The inside is really lovely with lots of velvet and chandeliers.

The menu included a cocktail each so as Ken doesn’t drink I had to have both of them (it was a real hardship).

The food was scrummy, especially the venison puffs and the custard buns – I could’ve eaten lots more of them.

The cocktail was served in teapots with cream to add as I wanted – so delicious.

My cocktail with Ken’s sensible tea behind

If you ever get the chance treat yourself to this as we came out feeling totally spoiled.

The next event on our week off was to spend half a day at a spa including a mud treatment – hence no photographs.  The mud experience involves covering yourself, or each other, with a special mud and then sitting in a steam room to allow it to work it’s magic. The steam got so thick that we couldn’t see each other.

After the mud we spent time in the pool, the salt room, and in the relaxation lounge. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep on Ken – one of the staff had to get him a herbal tea as he couldn’t move.

The next day we had one of our wander aimlessly in London days which I’m going to blog about separately, but here’s one shot to enjoy – us with the eye behind us and yes it was a little bit windy.

Our next treat was a Thai massage by candlelight, back at the Crazy Bear.  We arrived early enough to have a wander round Beaconsfield – there was a wedding going on which had a bus for its transport.  We also had a nice visit to the churchyard – you know I can’t resist a cemetery.

Now for the reason for our staycation (sorry Ken). Our little Muffin Monster had been in hospital and had to have surgery – she’s much better now, but we did have several sleepless nights as well as many tears.  During our week off we were very proud to discover that Muffin had been given the braveheart award at our lovely vets.  Her picture and story are up on the wall for all to see.

So that was our perfect week off together.  Until next time stay safe, be happy, and do something that makes you smile.

Pamela and Ken

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