Steam engines, tractors, and automobiles

In one of our previous posts, Secrets to a happy marriage, I talked about sharing each others interests, so recently I was sharing one of my beloved’s favourite things – steam engines and classic cars. It was a beautiful day for the Potten End Steam Fair.

Before we had even left the car park we came across this fabulous trike – we loved the decorations and wished we could have seen the owners as I bet they were really cool dudes.

The second thing to highlight from the car park was a family having a picnic in amongst the cars – why oh why oh why!!! (enough said on that subject).

My beloved was in his element with all sorts of vehicles on display. There were vintage military vehicles…

Steam engines of all shapes and sizes….

Even engines with canine drivers – this was Spike who apparently is always up in the driver’s area.

There were people dressed up in medieval costume – don’t ask me why as it seemed slightly out of context for the rest of the event and I bet they were roasting.

There were tractors both old and new…..

I grew up on a farm and have a soft spot for grey Massey Ferguson’s as that’s what sort of tractor we had.

This lovely couple were using traditional music boxes to create a beautiful sound and raise money for Macmillan – so good all around.

Another feature of the fair was having heavy horses to show how farm work used to be done – they did a display showing how the horses pulled logs out of the forests and had examples of equipment that the horses may have pulled before mechanised farm machinery came along.

There were several vintage campervans that the owners keep in such a pristine condition that it’s quite amazing – they must scour the internet to find the bits and pieces that they need to keep them in working order.

Apart from the steam engines my beloveds favourite bit of the show is the car display.  There were cars from all eras and again they are kept in pristine condition.  There were several big American cars that have the most outrageous fins on them.

I really like some of the details on and in the cars – this one had three little frogs sitting over the number plate.

American themed fluffy dice and flag……

We’ve seen this car before at another show we went to – the owner is a little obsessed with the American theme, even dressing like an American mechanic.  He has loads of things around and in the car that he has collected to add to the feel of the USA theme.

There were cars of all shapes and sizes – this one was very small.

This car was so tiny only Ken and Bertie Boo would be able to fit into it –  I also liked the fact that it had the crazy frog attached to the back (I think I’m one of the few people that never grew tired of that little beasty).

Now we couldn’t go to a car show without showing a picture of Ken’s favourite car of all time, the E-type Jaguar.  If we ever won the lottery I think that would be first on his list of things to buy.

I loved this emblem on the front of one of the old cars – Ken assures me it was a Daimler Conquest, but I wouldn’t have a clue, I just liked the little winged man.

There were just a few motorbikes on display, and the best thing happened when people were leaving – the two bikes nearest the camera were driven away by an elderly couple who looked like they were much older than the bikes.

There may not have been any Australian flags to take a picture of but I did find a map of Australia on one of the cars – I’m assuming that Tasmania is hidden under the boomerang.


Another great thing on display at the fair was a childrens farm – a space with smallish farm animals and birds for children to say hello to.  Ken and I had to hold ourselves back from going in and pushing all the children out of the way, especially with the pigs.

There were two ginger pigs who were so mischievous, every time that one of the farm hands went to milk a goat the two pigs would be in under the goat trying to drink the milk faster than it made into the bowl – as you can see they even had it all over their heads.

Look at those cute little bottoms – you can tell by the difference in size which piggy was getting the most of the food and milk.

My very gorgeous man – I think my sun umbrella really suits him.

Cute kidlets who typically thought that the grass just outside the fence was going to be so much better than that inside, and of course the bit just past their sibling was even better.

So that was our lovely day out sharing in one of my beloved’s passions (and yes I enjoyed myself as well).

Until next time, be good, keep smiling, and say hello to the next animal that you see.

Pamela & Ken

P.S:  Final two shots are a couple of signs on vehicles that tickled me……


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