The journey home

I’ve gotten slightly behind with my posts due to a very busy week catching up with friends – time now to rectify that. So cast your mind back to my last post – we were in Deal.

On our way home we decided to avoid the motorway for a while so went cross country exploring some of the prettier back roads. We stopped in the village of Goudhurst for a drink and to explore the lovely looking churchyard below. We sat out the front of a 14th century hotel with Bertie Boo and this view of the church and our beast of a car.

Bertie collapsed in the shade
Ken high on diet coke

This is St Mary’s – the original church was built in 1119, but most of the current building is from the 1300’s, so long ago it’s hard to comprehend it. It’s a beautiful spot and very peaceful with great architecture and some really lovely headstones (yes, I know I’m weird).

Loved this door – the hinges are a work of art

Ken and Bertie Boo inspecting the area
A tree taking over one of the graves

Some of the village houses beside the churchyard
We liked this house with the upstairs door to nowhere

The picture above shows the part of the graveyard that is still in use – it is situated in a really lovely spot with amazing views across the land.

Love how in amongst all the ornate headstones there was this simple and meaningful
wooden cross

The inside of the church is very simple but has a lovely feel to it – the pillars are very majestic and there are several beautiful stained glass windows.

In 1747 there was a fight between smugglers and the law in and around the church – the framed piece of wood is part of the old church door and still has bullets in it from that battle.

After we left Goudhurst someone (Ken) decided it was time to get back on the motorway – we then took 2 hours to travel 40 miles and it was about 27 degrees so we had a very hot dog in the back of the car. The traffic jam was the result of several different incidents including an overturned truck on the other side of the motorway that everyone was slowing down to look at.

So that was our journey home from Deal – it was the perfect place for a short break as it’s not too far from us, and we got to experience the loveliness of Goudhurst on the way home.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe, and smile at a stranger – it just might make their day.

Pamela and Ken

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