A different view of Kew (Gardens)

Ken and I were trying to remember the last time we visited Kew, and unbelievably we think it was when we took mum and dad there in 1998 – 16 years ago!! So yesterday we rectified that and went for a visit in the glorious spring sunshine. The royal botanic gardens opened at Kew in1759.

It took us about an hour to get there with two changes on the underground, but thankfully all lines were running smoothly due to the London marathon being on today. When we exited the station we were greeted by this house for sale which if we had the money I think my beloved would buy just for the feature in the front garden.

Kew Gardens is a five minute walk from the station and the queues weren’t too long so we got in quite quickly. To fully appreciate the size of the gardens the first thing we did was to take a ride on the explorer land train – it takes 40 minutes and you learn a lot about the history of the gardens. Our driver was a retired fighter pilot so I do wonder if he finds it frustrating driving so slow.

After our tour it was time to refuel (have lunch) – we went to a lovely cafe outside the gardens, and even though the cakes looked amazing we were too stuffed after our lunch to enjoy them.

Our next order of business was to go on the tree top walkway – it wasn’t there last time we visited. Ken climbed the stairs but I cheated and got the lift to the top – it’s an amazing view but it was freaking me out just a little bit as it was swaying a lot.

Ground view looking up at the walkway

Halfway down the stairs looking along the structure

Below are several pictures taken from the top – if you look very closely in the last one you can just see the Wembley arch in the distance.

Back on terra firma we wandered around the gardens enjoying spending time with nature – enjoy the pictures.

There are several sculptures dotted around amongst the trees and here are a couple we liked – a bear (slightly out of context) and a huge table with Ken sitting at the head.

There were also these amazing fungi made out of willow.

There is a lovely area with loads of different eucalyptus trees – the smell instantly transported me back home to Australia. I posed with one of the trees to make it a proper Aussie moment.

One side of the gardens runs alongside the Thames and you can see across to Syon House – years ago we went to a big Aussie festival in the grounds which we have very fond memories of.

A few more shots for you to see more of the beauty of the day.

Squirrel posing for the camera
Atlas Cedar ย – We loved the smooth cones
Clear blue sky through the trees

That’s it for now – hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Kew and until next time be good, stay safe, and enjoy nature.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final two pics are of a metal tree which all the leaves have facts about nature.

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