Gorgeous birthday boy

This weekend we celebrated my beloved’s birthday – not something he loves, being reminded of his age, so I have to spoil him to take his mind off it.

Gorgeous birthday boy

The brats gave him a funny card and a couple of little gifts, and shockingly told Ken how old he would be in animal years – let’s just say it’s well over 300.

My gift is not until September as I got tickets for the last day ofย Goodwood Revival (follow thisย Linkย to see what it’s about) which is basically nirvana for Kenneth as there will be lots of very old cars and we have to dress appropriately.

We headed out for a drink when we met a lady with her dogs, including a young pug called Loki – he is absolutely adorable and I just wanted to run away with him. Such a little man and full of character.

Poor Loki, he didn’t know what was going on as Ken and I kept picking him up

After a latte we came home for birthday cake – it’s only small as my husband loves fruit cake and marzipan which to me is evil, so he has a cake just for him.

The oven gloves have a spaniel on them and are from Ken’s sister

This evening I took the birthday boy out for a meal at Loch Fyne – it’s a seafood restaurant which we like, and the real Loch Fyne is not far from where Ken grew up.

The original shop in Scotland

It was a lovely evening spent with my incredibly dapper husband.

Until next time, be happy, stay safe, and say hello to the next animal you see.

Pamela and Ken

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