Christmas is coming very soon

The 1st of December so our Christmas tree has to go up – it’s a family tradition. I love this time of year and I love putting up the tree and decorating it with our eclectic mix of decorations collected over the years, and I thought it would be nice to share it with you.

Christmas is the time of the year when we think about the past, give thanks for our present, and dream about the future. The first set of baubles I place on the tree are very special as they were made and given to me over 20 years ago by my friend Amanda who later died from cystic fibrosis – amazing how four little baubles can take me back to my years living and working in Tasmania and the fun we used to have.

The next two decorations we bought last year to represent our two brats, Cookie and Muffin. I’m very grateful for all three of our furbies as they never cease to make me smile and they really do help lower blood pressure.

Next are two decorations from my mum, an angel that she made and sent us several years ago, and a lovely dove that mum bought us in Harrods when we took her and Aunty Chris there on one of their visits to the UK. Living so far from my family we are very grateful when we get visitors from down under.

I’m guessing that you’re already realising that I don’t have a tree covered in trendy matching decorations, instead we have a tree that really means something to us.

One of our unique decorations is one that is stolen!! I was at a Christmas party in a posh hotel several years ago and happened to mention to a friend (a slightly inebriated friend) that I loved the tree decorations so as we left she removed one and put it in my bag. Every year when we get it out we comment to each other – look at our “hot” bauble.

Without even meaning to we do have a bit of a bird theme going on with our tree. Apart from mum’s dove we also have a few more birds. The first is a lovely little Scottish bird that Ken’s sister Jean gave us – he’s very sweet and made with tweed.

Next is another dove which one of my lovely friends in Australia sent us – I love him as he’s so simple but very beautiful.

The final bird I’m going to share with you is our tree topper – no Angel or star for us. Oh no, we have a very wise owl overseeing Christmas.

Now I have to show you the next one, just to remind you how lovely my beloved is – present for me a couple of years ago.

The final tree dec I’m showing is the newest addition to our collection given to me by a friend last week – as you can see she chose my favourite colour. It’s gorgeous and as she said, we will think of the old bag every time we get it out.

So that’s our tree done, picture in a moment, but first a couple of other things to share with you. Below is Reinrabbit – what’s that I hear you ask? It’s a reindeer that mum made, but as we think it looks a bit like a rabbit we renamed him. And just to point out that a Reinrabbit is not just for Christmas, they can be for all year round.

The Santa below travelled with me when I first came to the UK, he’s actually an Aussie too. When I left Australia my lovely friend Kierstan gave me a survival kit for my travels and this little chap was part of it, so he has shared every Christmas in the UK with me. I’m very grateful for friends like Kierstan and dream of future shared Christmas celebrations together.

Below is part of the advent calendar I’ve made for Ken – ones you can fill yourself are much better as I can treat him with all his favourite chocs as well as other little surprises.

There you are, the completed tree – no lights due to a cat that chews electric cords, instead we have paper chains put together by us.

So there you have it, our lovely Christmas tree covered in colour and memories – and decorations for the cats to play with. We hope that the lead up to Christmas is special for all of you – stay safe, and watch some Christmas movies to get you in the mood.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: Final picture is our driftwood tree that we bought in Whitby earlier this year.

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