Enjoying Cardiff with my two favourite men.

Have I told you lately what a wonderful man I’m married to? Well he is and I’m a very lucky girl. This week my beloved treated me to two nights in a lovely hotel in Cardiff (in Wales), our first visit to the city. It’s nice to get away even if it’s just for a couple of days – I should add that it’s not just the two of us as Bertie Boo is here as well.

Gorgeous man!!

It’s lovely getting the chance to explore a new place and I always enjoy looking at the different statues around an area. I’ve included a selection for you along with a picture of the Welsh Assembly building.

These were just two of many elephants that have invaded the city – they turn up in various locations. Several months ago they were in Watford which is not far from us.

I love this time of the year when all the Christmas decorations are adorning the streets. Despite it getting dark early, the Christmas lights make everything look magical. There was a small Christmas market and the smells coming from the food stalls was fab – mulled wine and toasted chestnuts.

Santa’s grotto was all set up ready, but as he doesn’t arrive until December I had to content myself with talking to one of the toy soldiers – I’m hoping he remembers to tell Santa what I’d like for Christmas.

I really liked the sign below and was all ready to try Dragon roasted coffee but as they had no cakes we had to move on.

Now if you look closely at the next picture you’ll see something that’s slightly out of place on a castle wall – the Tardis!! Cardiff is the home of Dr Who – unfortunately David Tennant’s Dr didn’t pop out to say hello.

Hooray, we found cake – or at least mini muffins in a BB’s with lovely comfy chairs. Can I just add that my beloved put the whole mini muffin in his mouth at once!!

I can’t believe I’ve nearly finished without a picture of Lord Bertie – he spent his time relaxing and taking over the sofa – luckily we had a nice blanket with us to cover it with.

Look at that face – so gorgeous.

So that is our whistle stop visit to Cardiff – hope you’ve enjoyed having a bit of a look around.

Until our paths cross again, be good, stay safe, and look out for those less fortunate than you.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: In the street that runs parallel to the millennium stadium (home of rugby) they had lots of international flags up – Wales and Australia next to each other.

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