A spot of golf anyone??

The last few days we’ve had Ken’s oldest son Craig staying with us which is lovely. Today we went to Top Golf in Watford to see who would win at the driving range – Craig was harassing his dad by saying we were going to play OAP golf.

As you can see the two of them were showing off their master’s golf style.


ย Craig

We decided to play two games and spurred on by the old age pensioner comment guess who won the first game – yes, my beloved. He was very happy at beating the two of us.

The scoreboards showing Ken’s triumph

Now the next scoreboard is my favourite – I was only there to make up the numbers but in the next game Ken crashed and burned and I came second!! And can I just point out that in the second game I had the least non scoring shots of the three of us.

The two champions – one win each
After the games we went to Rickmansworth for a lovely lunch at Maurizio’s, and then headed home for a night of Strictly and Dr Who.
Until next time, be good, enjoy life and be kind to everyone you meet.
Pamela and Ken
P.S: Final picture of the window display in one of our local cafes – really in the Christmas mood.

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