Nature & a plastic bottle man.

Recently we had Ken’s youngest staying so we dragged him into London for one of our days out. It wasn’t the best day weather wise, but that didn’t stop us. We got the train to Marylebone and then walked to South Kensington via Hyde Park.
We passed some interesting sculptures on the way – I love this horses head, it’s huge, but so accurate.

As always we passed some great architecture – I especially love the very fancy door ways we stumble across.

We were thinking of going to the Natural History museum but due to the two Wright boys staying in bed much longer than me, the queue for the museum was already around the block so we decided against that. Β Outside the museum was a man dressed in plastic bottles – I like to think it’s a protest against our throw away society but I’m sure it’s just a money spinner. As you can see Ken got into the spirit of things, posing with sword in hand. Jamie wasn’t so keen but plastic bottle man called him in and he went – great family shot.

South Kensington has several posh car dealers, so the boys quite enjoyed ogling the cars that would cost several years of my salary.

In the Park, despite it being wet and a bit miserable, there were still lots of people out and about – there were even a couple of pedalos out on the Serpentine. Lots of birds and squirrels to watch and feed as several people do.

To get out of the rain we went into a Moroccan restaurant and had a wonderful lunch – it’s a lovely place with a great atmosphere.

The food was really good – scrumdillyicious!! I also loved the plates the food was served on, very authentic looking.

The two boys putting up with me taking photos of them – I think the look on their faces can only be described as grudging acceptance.

Now the next photo could signal a recurring theme in my posts, a picture of the bathroom, and again it was Ken’s idea. As you can see it’s very nice with a lovely brass basin.

Hope you enjoyed seeing another bit of London as much as we enjoy showing you.

Until next time, be good, stay safe, and smile at strangers in the street – it may just make their day.

Pamela and Ken

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