Dog Days

During the week I was lucky enough to have a day off to spend some quality time with my beloved so I went with him whilst he walked the dogs. Before we started we had brunch at the lovely Harris and Hoole in Rickmansworth – we needed to make sure we had energy for the walks.

The first dog was Orinoco and he is such a gentle soul – really beautiful.

After nearly an hour we happened to walk past my friend Carol’s new house so Ken kept going with Ori and I went in for the tour. As our theme today is dogs I have included a piccie of Carol’s lovely dog Jenny.

After that nice interlude we went on to the next dog, Holly. Slightly mad and very cute.

The final dog for the day was Kenzie, who is a lovely girl but very strong. When I had the lead she saw a cat and it took all my body strength to stop her going over the fence after it.

After about 15 minutes we came across a lovely cafe so I let Ken and Kenzie go on and I stopped for a break – I thought I deserved it after all the walking I’d done.

So that was our lovely day with the dogs and me sharing in what my beloved spends his days doing.

Be good and enjoy life.

Pamela and Ken

P.S: I obviously couldn’t do a blog without a picture of my beautiful Bertie Boo.

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