Arty London

Today we went into London with no real plans but ended up in Whitechapel where we went to the Whitechapel Art Gallery. It was just a spur of the moment thing as we’d never been there before. Let me say now that within 10 minutes of being there my beloved uttered the words, ‘what a load of bottom (I used a more polite word there than what he actually said). It was modern art!! Is it just us that don’t get it – are we alone in our unappreciation of weird things being called art??

After we did the quickest walk round of the gallery, had a lovely lunch in a cafe near by, we headed for Trafalgar Square – there’s always lots to see there.

We had a drink in the cafe in the courtyard of St Martin’s in the Field, the lovely church that overlooks the square, and we had a great view of the window in the church which was designed to look like a cross.

Looking towards St Martin’s from the square

There are some really pretty streets right in the middle of London, old homes that have survived developers.

 We had a wander around Trafalgar Square and as always there were lots of street performers – the young lad below was trying to make bubbles, but the bratlets kept popping them. This is one of the few he managed to get airborne.

At each corner of Trafalgar Square there are plinths with statues of famous historic figures. The fourth plinth is a little different, having more modern things on it – in the past it has had a giant rocking horse, a ship in a bottle, and members of the public spending an hour each up there. Now it has a beautiful blue cockeral for all to admire. I think it’s a bit more of that art I don’t understand, but at least it’s pretty.

So that’s our day of art (not exactly what I would call it) and enjoyment of the hubbub of London.

Until next time, be good, keep smiling, and look after each other.

Pamela and Ken

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