Wynyard Wander

 So guess where we are – sunny Wynyard on the North West Coast of Tasmania, which in case you don’t know is the most beautiful part of Australia.  Now before we go on a little history for you all – Wynyard was settled by Europeans in the early 1840’s, but the original inhabitants were the Tommeginer people – it’s a beautiful coastal area.

 Now I don’t want to disappoint anyone, and there are plenty of places for it, so today’s sweet break was at a lovely coffee shop/florist called Rumour Has It…..  Mum, Ken, and I went for lunch and as always Ken had something very healthy looking and I had toasted banana bread with maple syrup and yogurt – yum, yum.

 After lunch mum went home and we went for a walk out to East Wynyard to do a bit of beach combing.  Here are some photos of the area.

View of Table Cape which is an extinct volcano.

As always I found someone to chat to amongst the the animal kingdom, this time it was a lovely seagull who was very friendly and got really close.

Handsome Seagull

 The other excitement was a rather large gull eating a very big fish – he sort of alternated between eating and chasing the smaller gulls away.  As the tide was coming in he was also trying to pull it into shallower water.  He was so busy eating that he didn’t really notice me getting closer for a photo – I took about 20 shots just to get these as every couple of steps I took pictures in case he got spooked, but he didn’t.  If it wasn’t for the tide coming in I’m sure I could have got closer.

We wandered for quite a while looking for sea glass, with quite a good collection, but one colour does seem to dominate the sea glass at East Wynyard – no clues for guessing what colour bottle the Tasmanian beer comes in.

My beloved hunting for sea glass

Arty shot that Ken wanted me to take

As we headed back through the wharf area I thought I should take a couple of pictures showing what a lovely day it was – blue skies and sunshine.  The picture above is the car park at the wharf and you can just see a seagull having a seat in one of the parking spots.  Below is a couple of hopeful fishermen.

Outside the fish shop at the wharf is one of those tourist boards where you can stick your head through – now call me crazy, but Ken looks awfully good as a mermaid!  Maybe he should grow his hair long to develop the look.

Hope you enjoyed the quick look around Wynyard – there will be more to come and there are at least 5 more coffee shops in the one street for us to sample.  So until next time, be good and look after each other.

Pamela & Ken

Final two photos, Ken being a good boy and mowing mum’s lawn, and instead of the Australian flag as I usually do when found in the UK, I’ve put a photo of the Tasmanian flag for you all.xx

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