Part 2 of weekend away

So the morning after the pudding club Ken was a good boy and had fruit and cereal for breakfast whilst I had a fry up including black pudding – it had to be done.  After we checked out we went for a wander around Mickleton with Bertie (did I mention we had Bertie Boo with us?).  It’s a lovely little Cotswold village, with pretty cottages and a lovely churchyard which of course I had to wander round and take photos of.  To follow are pictures from around Mickleton.

After our explore we then went onto Chipping Campden, another lovely village and one we had not been to before – it had lots of lovely little shops including quite a few antique shops – I took the picture below in one of these as I thought it was quite cute, though the price tag wasn’t.

The horse below is made up of various different plants including succulents – I really liked it, a great thing to have in your front garden.

Now in case you didn’t realise, I have a bit of a thing for doors – they have so much character and this area had some beautiful ones so I had to take photos.

I really liked this sign – really pretty picture of a peacock and the matching iron work above.

Our next stop was Stowe-on-the-Wold, which is one of  our favourite Cotswold villages, namely because they have a teashop which Ken loves – very nice cakes!  What, did you seriously think we could go very long without stopping for coffee and a cake?  No photos of Stowe, we were too busy relaxing.
After Stowe we went to Bourton-on-the-Water, which has a big claim to fame – it is the home of Brum!  Brum, for those of you that don’t know, is a car from a children’s show.
My two very handsome boys
Bourton is a very popular village and we have never been there and it not be busy – lots of tourists from all over the world, crammed into a tiny village which had a lovely little creek running through it with stone bridges over it.

Ken decided to get an ice cream which Bertie wasn’t impressed with – he wanted some, and Ken being the soft touch that he is ended up giving Bertie the bottom half of his ice cream cone.  There was a couple along from us who had two huge dogs, and they bought ice creams for themselves and for both the dogs.
Isn’t Bertie such a handsome boy
On the way home we stopped into a farm that you can visit only to discover that it was Adam Henson’s farm – he’s the farmer off Country File.  Unfortunately it was only half an hour before closing time so we just went into the cafe for coffee and cake, and now that we know where it is we will go back another day – so look forward to that blog.
Okay, must finish as I’ve just taken banana and chocolate chip cupcakes out of the oven and need to sort them out.
Be good, stay safe, and look after each other.
Pamela & Ken (& Bertie)
P.S:  I’m sure when he got home Bertie bragged to the cats about his weekend away with us and that he got to sleep in the same room as us.

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