Animals make the world a better place!

Today’s blog is dedicated to Bob, my oldest brother Shane’s dog, who has just gone to doggy heaven – he was a lovely dog.

I truly believe that having  an animal in your life helps to ease anxiety, soothe the soul, and really lift your spirit. Our furbies, Bertie, Cookie, and Muffin, help us to have lots of days of fun and I thought it would be nice to introduce you to them properly.

The brats (cats) came first – entering our lives in 2004 after someone needed to get rid of some kittens. They were 8 weeks old and so cute!! They’re sisters, but couldn’t be more different – one skinny, talkative, and very friendly, the other one curvy, talkative when hungry, and likes to be loved on her own terms. We named them after food (not that I’m obsessed), Cookie and Muffin.

Cookie walking all over Ken

Muffin in her new bed – she loves it

Bertie was Ken’s explosives search dog and was getting very stressed in kennels so Ken brought him home to live with us. As you can imagine the cats were not best pleased and stayed behind the sofa for 24 hours. That only lasted a little while before they asserted their dominance and made Bertie realise that they are the bosses.

Bertie – it’s a hard life!

For someone who wasn’t really a dog person, Bertie has definitely won my heart – he’s such big softy. He’s now retired and enjoys his days at home with the brats.

Scary looking woman with Bertie

(Muffin has just joined me and is padding up and down on my leg – I think she’s trying to remind me to tell you how lovely she is).

Muffin and Bertie sometimes touch noses, and Cookie occasionally bats him on the nose to assert her dominance – minus claws.

I know some of you reading this will not be animal people and that doesn’t make you a bad person, just a little strange.

Cookie – she knows she’s beautiful!

Muffin – life is such an effort

Before I finish I have to include a picture of an old gentleman who I knew when I lived in Sydney – his name is Geoffrey and he now lives on a narrow boat travelling around the UK. Geoffrey is over 20 and has lost his ears to cancer, but is still very handsome.


 That’s it for today so stay safe, keep smiling, and hug an animal – it will make you feel better.

Pamela, Ken, Cookie, Muffin, and Bertie

Bob and Shane

2 thoughts on “Animals make the world a better place!

  1. R.I.P. Bob, you're loved by many including those who didn't know you personally. ♥Aww ♥ Bless Geoffrey's heart what a sweetie and I hope he makes it home safe, and dry. ♥LOVE your furbie's they're so adorable oh you need to phlog about them more often please? ♥ =0)


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