Weekend Away

Last weekend my beloved took me away for a lovely weekend near Malvern which is in Worcestershire.  We stayed in a hotel in the hills called the Cottage in the Woods which was really lovely, Bertie loved it as when we arrived they had put a dog bed in the room and left some treats for him as well.

Bertie on our patio


The main hotel from our patio

 Now whilst you’re all thinking how romantic of Kenneth to take me away for a lovely weekend, there was a slight ulterior motive – there was a car and car parts show on near Malvern!!  So yes, we went and wandered around stalls with lots of old bits of cars so that Ken could try and find bits for his current project – a car that is 50 years old and at the moment doesn’t work – I call it his other woman.

We did also get to go into Malvern which is a really pretty spa town with lots of the original buildings still standing.  The priory, which dates from 1541,  is beautiful and the church ladies were getting it ready for harvest festival – lovely flower arrangements and animals made out of bread.

Bread fish (I think)

Bread mouse

One of the carvings under the Misericords (mercy seats) – thought he was quite a cheeky chappy

Malvern is famous for lots of different people, but one that I like is that C.S.Lewis used to visit there – there was a blue plaque on the wall of one of the pubs that he used to frequent.

When we got up on Sunday morning it felt like we were much higher than we were as we were above the mist and clouds – it was a really lovely morning with the sun shining on the mist. 

There were lots of old fashioned lamp post around the hotel grounds and Malvern

  On the way back from Malvern we drove through the Cotswold’s, stopping in Chipping Norton and Stow on the Wold.  In Chipping Norton there is a gorgeous little bookshop/coffee shop which we always go to when we’re passing by – nice homemade cakes.

Autumn leaves in Chipping Norton

My very dapper looking beloved

All in all a really nice break away with my two favourite men – the cats fended for themselves, and I don’t even think they noticed that we were gone.  I’ve gotten a bit behind with my blogs, so will try and catch up over the next few days.

Hope all is good with you and yours, stay safe and keep smiling.

Pamela & Ken

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