Blogging from A to Z theme reveal

What better way to fall back in love with blogging than with the infamous A to Z blogging challenge for the month of April. I’ve completed the challenge three times in the past, but I’ve had a break for the last two years. I’ve discovered so many great blogs by doing this challenge, as apart from writing our own posts it’s important to visit other people’s blogs and show some love for their creativity.

In 2016 I only discovered the challenge quite close to the start date, so I sort of winged in, coming up with subjects daily. 2017 I did the A to Z of Scotland, and in 2018 I covered the A to Z of romance.

The A to Z challenge means posting a new post everyday of April, except Sundays, to cover every letter of the alphabet, which on the surface sounds reasonably easy, but in my preparations some of the letters are tougher than expected.

As the world has been on hold over the last year, and travel went out the window, I thought it would be nice to reminisce about places we’ve visited in the past. So, in April I will choose places that have been memorable to us during our various travels, both in this country and abroad. You might get suggestions of where you’d like to travel to in the future, or you might be able to share your thoughts on where to go when we’re free to roam again.

My forever travel partner, also known as my beloved

I hope you enjoy my offerings and do follow the links I share each day so that you can discover other bloggers who are also doing the challenge.

19 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z theme reveal

  1. I’m glad you’re joining the challenge. I don’t do much traveling even when I have the chance so it will be nice to see what other places have to offer even just for thought. Good luck with the challenge.

    Have a lovely day.

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  2. Yay, good to see you back! Travel is always a great topic!
    I’m preparing for A – Z as well. For once I plan on having every post written before April 1st, so I’ll have more time to visit the other posts.

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  3. Hi Pamela
    Love the theme. Mine is pretty similar so great mins think alike. Are you the Tasmanian? I am also an aussie expat who lives in the USA now.


  4. I love travelling. Looking forward to following along, and maybe finding our next destination. (for the future – currently looking forward to going further than 5km from home, haha)

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  5. Traveling is the thing I miss most at the moment. I have made a point to keep doing so locally until I can move about more freely. So excited to read your posts and be inspired. After a large hiatus from A-Z, I’m also back. I’m sure it will be inspiring.


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