Fairies and a very strange bridge

I’m putting on record that I have the best husband in the world!! Earlier this week he took me to a wonderful fairy woods near Buckie on the north east coast of Scotland. I love fairies and this is a must visit for anyone who has a similar obsession to mine, or if you have kidlets, they’d probably enjoy it too.

As you take the path through the woods to Craigmin bridge you will discover that there are lots of fairies living here alongside Ents (tree people), elves, and a dragon.

It was such a lovely walk through the woods with Bramble Jelly and my beloved, so peaceful and beautiful. The amazing thing about this place is that it’s not very well known and is not signposted until you reach the tiny village of Drybridge and spot the hand painted sign.

Here’s one of the Ents – they exist in J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy world in Lord of The Rings.

Craigmin bridge is an incredible structure that is in the middle of the woods and nature is slowly taking over. There is not much information out there about this, just that it is thought to have been built in the late 1700’s and there is some debate as to whether the lower portion was built first or if it was all built at the same time.

It’s definitely worth the scramble from the top off the bridge down the bank to the bottom to see the full impact of the bridge. Bramble had fun playing in the river and cooling off after our walk.

The next few pictures are taken from the middle section of the bridge where there is an unusual little room in the middle bit. Our landlords gardener told my beloved that legend has it that Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed in that room whilst he was hiding from his enemies. Don’t call me a cynic, but I think it’s a bit like all the places that claim King Arthur held court in their town.

As always I laid my hands against the stones and imagined the generations that have come before us to this magical place.

The two of us with a slightly damp Bramble Jelly.

In the woods there was also evidence of stone walls that must have bordered a grand estate many years ago.

We think this antiques building and push bike are beyond antique and into derelict.

After our walk we drove to Cullen for some sustenance, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful pot of flowers that was sat outside someone’s house. So pretty.

Beauty can be found in the simplest places.


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