Top Ten Thursday – May Scavenger Hunt

Today for the top ten we’re doing another photo scavenger hunt with the list provided by our lovely host Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom. These are the ten items we had to take a picture of:

1. Yin and Yang – this is one my two cheats this week as I’ve had to use old photos. We came across this headstone five years ago at Nunhead cemetery in London. As the grave is for an actor it seems fitting to have the yin and yang symbol to represent the two sides of the personality or maybe the real person and the people they play in their various roles.

2. Outdoor Art – in one of the streets in Inverness there are several of these installations that look like the pavement has been lifted up by an earthquake.

3. Bus Terminal – the huge bus terminal in Nairn, the town we live in. It’s in the middle of a car park which has take away shops on one side and apartment buildings behind where we are taking the photo from.

4. Heart – this lovely wooden candle holder was turned into a vase by my beloved this week, and it looks lovely with some of my favourite flowers in it.

5. Pink Blooms – beautiful rhododendron in our garden.

6. Clock Face – this musical clock is in the shopping centre in Inverness, and when the music plays all the animals plus Mr & Mrs Noah move around. I love that there is a kangaroo in the crows nest and how there is always a row of people watching it when it strikes the hour.

7. Mexican Food – homemade nachos.

8. Vintage – it’s amazing how many modern things are being designed to look vintage, even cars. I found these kettles this week and think they look really funky.

9. Black – the only thing I could have for this is our own little black cat, Lord Rocky Horror, who earlier this evening licked the top off my portuguese tart. I’d looked away for a second and he took full advantage, living up to the horror part of his name.

10. Shoes – this is my second cheat photo, they are chocolate shoes which were at the Chocolate Show we attended in London in 2014.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my scavenger hunt finds and make sure you hop over to Tamara’s Blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with.
Until next time, take time to do whatever relaxes you.
Pamela & Ken

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – May Scavenger Hunt

  1. Another cool photo scavenger hunt! Love your (and the street artist's) creativity! Oh, and the chocolate shoes… I've seen videos about them but haven't actually had the chance to taste one myself. Have a wonderful weekend!


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