Top Ten Thursday – The Circus

It’s top ten Thursday time and we’re going to the circus – thanks to Tamara at Part-time Working Hockey Mom for hosting this blog hop. As I haven’t been to a circus since I was a child, I’ve decided to write about how our life is a circus, especially this week.

Let’s consider the essential components of any circus:

1. Clowns – ours is one of those sad clowns that has his smile painted on upside down. My beloved had something wrong with his back so we ended up in Accident & Emergency – it took a lot of convincing and he wasn’t impressed with all the waiting around.

2. Jugglers – The day Ken went to A&E I was due in at work and of course we had Bramble Jelly in the car as well. After walking Bramble my lovely colleagues sent me off to be with Ken and they took Bramble into work to be with them – I think she’s turning into our mascot.

3. Clairvoyants – it’s amazing how a person with medical knowledge can look at another person and, without any tests, say what is causing a problem. I had to do a lot of tongue biting when the “professional” told my husband that he’d had exactly the same thing in the past.


4. Bed of Nails – it’s not a typical bed of nails but Ken decided to sleep on the very hard floor the night after his visit to the hospital to see if it would help him. It was very, very strange not having him in the bed with me. He only tried it for a night before coming back to the comfort of the bed.

5. Tightrope walker – balancing life when all I wanted to do was stay home and take care of my beloved is a little bit tricky. Thankfully my lovely colleagues are a great safety net underneath my tightrope and understand when I’m a little distracted.

6. Big Cats – thankfully real circuses no longer have animals, but our life has two big cats that create interesting moments in our lives. Princess Cookie Cat is still barely tolerating the newcomer, and Lord Rocky Horror is a little bit of a psycho, but in the nicest possible way. They do actually sleep in beds next to each other now without any growling or hissing from Cookie.

Princess Cookie Cat

Lord Rocky Horror

7. Strongman – my beloved is definitely a strongman in how he deals with being incapacitated, trying to do more than he should, but also trying to hide how much pain he has been in so as I don’t worry.

8. Lion Tamer – Bramble Jelly is a great lion tamer, and if the cats start fighting, she runs in between them to break it up. She also wrestles with Lord Rocky and comes out unscathed – they’re very funny together.

9. Illusionist – like Dynamo doing one of his incredible levitation acts, my beloved has improved and whilst I still think he should be resting more he’s much better than he was.

10. Ringmaster – I’m claiming this title after the last week, but I feel I can hand that title back over to Ken now as he is much better at the job.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my interpretation of today’s top ten – make sure you hop over to Tamara’s Blog to see what my fellow bloggers have come up with. Hopefully I’ll catch up with everyone’s blogs over the next few days now that Ken is improving.

Be well.

Pamela & Ken

6 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday – The Circus

  1. I hope hubbies back is better. I hate it when my back hurts. Makes everything so very difficult.Love your kitties. You need to link them to Feline Friday.Your pup is the family peace keeper. So precious.Have a fabulous day and weekend. ♥


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