V is for Vows

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge where for the month of April we post everyday except Sundays, corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. I’ve chosen to blog about keeping the romance alive in a relationship along with ideas for married couple dates. Each post will also have a romantic song for you to listen to whilst you read.

Today’s song is from two giants of the music industry, Vince Gill and Barbra Streisand with the beautiful If You Ever Leave Me.

If you’re married do you remember the words you spoke to your special person during the wedding service? Whether they were the traditional vows or you wrote your own, do you still hold them in your heart and live them every day?

We each wrote our own vows and the words are even more relevant today than they were 18 years ago. The line from my vows that I probably think every day is; I will always give thanks that in this huge world we managed to find each other.

V is also for vegetarian. In April 2016 I made the decision to give up meat for various reasons, and my beloved gave up in support of me. I didn’t expect him to but I love it so much that he did.

V words that I regularly call my hunky husband are; virile, vibrant, and vivacious.

When I asked Ken what V should be he replied voluptuous.

Today’s quote:

Pamela & Ken

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8 thoughts on “V is for Vows

  1. This Sunday hubby and I will have been married for 18 years. We've known each other for 45 years. We were both married to the wrong people for many years. I think we always knew we were meant to be together. We of course didn't nothing about until we were both free to do so. We took our vows very seriously as you did. It's the best thing I've ever done…marrying Zane.Have a fabulous day. ♥


  2. \”voluptuous\”, now that speaks voumes ;-)I didn't know that song, but I do love a) Ms Streisand and b) a good duet.Our vows? I was sure I would not be able to speak without crying, so we discussed what the minister was going to say for us, and it wasn't the traditional \”till death do us part\”. We said we need to be realistic enough to make room for the 50%+ divorce rate. While I don't remember the actual words, the spirit was to not throw in the towel the minute sh** got tough.


  3. Pamela,We exchanged the traditional wedding vows. I love veggies but to become a vegetarian, I don't think so. That's a sacrifice I'm not willing to make unless it was for DH, then like your love I'd be so onboard with my darling. I love your 'V' words to describe your hubby. I think he and DH must belong to the same club. lol Voluptuous is a good word but voluptuous I am not. Cosmetic surgeons could fix that but I don't have the extra cash to make that happen. 😀 Happy A2Zing, dear friend!~Curious as a CathyA2Z iPad Art Sketch 'V' Victorian Lady


  4. oh how sweet. 18 years is a long while to be married. I can't imagine.I think I would have been a vegetarian if I can give up chicken. I had tried a tofu burger once and it didn't taste bad. I know being a vegetarian isn't about giving up meat but sometimes it really does sound that simple.have a lovely day.my latest a-z is: the waking


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