I is for Intimacy

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge where for the month of April we post everyday except Sundays, corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. I’ve chosen to blog about keeping the romance alive in a relationship along with ideas for married couple dates. Each post will also have a romantic song for you to listen to whilst you read.

Today’s song is from the fabulous INXS – Never Tear Us Apart.

I is for intimacy and no I’ve not decided to become R rated in this post. If you look up the definition of intimacy the words that are used for the synonyms really describe what I think of when I hear this word; closeness, togetherness, affinity, rapport, attachment, and familiarity (reference link)

Part of keeping the romance alive in our marriage is often the little things, like holding hands when we’re out and about, a spontaneous kiss on the cheek, or the warmth of a hug in the middle of a shop. Please don’t be embarrassed to show affection in public, just enjoy the intimacy of the moment of togetherness.

I think that knowing each other is also an important part of intimacy, and my beloved is definitely my best friend, knows all my secrets, and is the one I want to share my failures and my triumphs with.
A good idea for date night conversation is finding out more things about your special person by asking them questions about their likes and dislikes at different stages of their lives. There is always something new to learn about each other.

Quote for today;

Pamela & Ken

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7 thoughts on “I is for Intimacy

  1. Amen to this. Hubby and I can finish each others sentences too. I'm sure you do the same. Looks like we mirror each other very much. I can relate to each of your posts. See you tomorrow.Have a fabulous day. ♥


  2. Pamela,Intimacy is very important in a relationship. I love that DH and I openly show intimacy for one another in public. We hold hands or I hold onto his arm, we steal a kiss, a hug, or a glance often while we're out. It's these little moments that makes life magical and people are surprised to find out that after almost 39 years of marriage we still feel passionate for the other. Good job and reminder for us all! 😉 Thanks for visiting myA2Z iPad Art Sketch 'Indians' post!


  3. I agree, intimacy doesn't have to be physical which makes the line so fine for people who claim not to cheat on their spouse because they're just talking to that other person. The kind of talk makes all the difference, doesn't it.


  4. It's interesting to see how men and women define intimacy, usually with men assuming it's about physical affection and women thinking it's about emotional connection. It's a little bit of both, really, but can you really have true physical intimacy (not just \”wham, bam, thank you, ma'am,\” so to speak) without the emotional element?


  5. You nailed this. You’ve got intimacy down and you know the difference between true love with real intimacy and lust with infatuation. You’re so right about the special feeling of something as simple as holding hands or a spontaneous quick kiss. Of course I don’t mean inappropriate PDA. I liked it when my husband would place his hand on the small of my back as we walked into a crowded restaurant or when he gently swiped a single loose strand of hair from my face. Nothing extraordinary and I doubt it was even noticed by anyone but me. He’s gone now, but I remember those tender intimate moments. Knowing each other is key, as is loyalty, trust and friendship. Excellent post. I’m eager to read more. I fell behind in the challenge but I’m finally catching up and I love your theme so I’ll be back for more. Melissa @ Sugar Crime Scene


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