D is for Dating

Welcome to the A to Z blogging challenge where for the month of April we post everyday except Sundays, corresponding to each letter of the alphabet. I’ve chosen to blog about keeping the romance alive in a relationship along with ideas for married couple dates. Each post will also have a romantic song for you to listen to whilst you read.

Today’s romantic song is Celine Dion – Falling Into You. Beautiful lyrics;

And in your eyes I see ribbons of color

I see us inside of each other

I feel my unconscious merge with yours

And I hear a voice say, What’s his is hers

Did you stop dating once you got married? Hopefully not, as dating is such a special part of any relationship. If you’re married can you remember the best date you ever went on with your spouse?

My favourite pre marriage date was when my beloved took me to the cinema in Leicester Square in London, bought the biggest bucket of popcorn available, and then proceeded to spill it all over the floor as we sat down. It’s my favourite as it made us laugh a lot, and I’ve never seen popcorn spread so far.

In our eighteen years of marriage it’s difficult to pick one date as my favourite, but I’m going to choose the day we spent on Luskentyre beach in the Outer Hebrides. We had a picnic, played games, built sandcastles (see B post), and just enjoyed being the only people there for the whole day.

A great website to look at if you want ideas for fun dates, is the Dating Divas – I love their motto, “strengthening marriages, one date at a time”. Check out their website as they have great ideas for lots of romantic things.

Sometimes, when you’re really busy you need to make time in your diary for your other half, write it in so you don’t replace it with anything else. Go out for dinner, or even just go to your local ice cream parlour and indulge together. Book a date with your person now.

Today’s quote is perfect and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Pamela & Ken
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9 thoughts on “D is for Dating

  1. Hubby and I will be married 18 years at the end of this month. We date all the time. You and your hubby are much like me and my hubby. Excellent.Have a fabulous day. ♥


  2. Céline Dion has a lot of great songs. My favorite are \”to love you more\” and \”the prayer\” with Josh Groban. I have used the Dating Divas' website for scavenger hunt ideas / printable. Great stuff!You and Ken are my romantic heroes! 💖


  3. Pamela,I think date night is a good idea after you're married. While we don't always have a 'date night', I do look at our time on the weekends enjoying a good movie over pizza as a 'date night'. We often spend the evening cuddled on the sofa like we did when we were teenagers. :)Thanks for visiting yesterday's post, A2Z iPad Art Sketch 'Dolphin' on Curious as a Cathy


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